Worth the Wait

I read an article over the weekend from Elle Decor about a couple who had purchased their first home together in New Orleans. It was one year to the day before Katrina hit and with that, all their big plans (and budget) for decorating and renovating, came to a grinding halt in lieu of fixing all the damage that came with Hurricane Katrina.

Check out their beautiful home today….

We’ve  had a really big year – in one year we bought a car, bought a house and had a baby. It has been an INCREDIBLE year, but what we have come to realize is that with all those incredible things, others have to wait. So the leather chairs we want for the living room will have to wait and the dining room chairs we are using as place holders will do for a while longer. And the dated lamps that have been functional sources of light, although not pretty, will continue to work and light up our home, until we are ready to find the ones we want.

What I have learned, though, is that the wait is actually making Hillside Lane better. While it isn’t a lesson I am always patient about learning, I realized, particularly after reading the article, that the extra time gives us a chance to consider other options, find new inspiration and the results are often better than originally planned.

I liked this quote from the article, “In the years since, I’ve learned that a decorating moratorium (even an involuntary one) is not a bad thing….the layering that happens over time has brought more meaningful pleasure than I imagine any “instant house” would have.” And I have learned that I tend to agree.


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