I am definitely a fall person. There is nothing better than crisp weather, chunky sweatshirts, bonfires and pumpkins! We’ve made a couple pumpkin patch stops this month, but finished if off with a quick stop off at Dinges’ Farm in Three Oaks, MI over the weekend. At Andris’ suggestion, we picked up an addition to our pumpkin collection…a fairytale or Cinderella pumpkin. I am now obsessed. It looks so cool on our front steps.

We have somewhat demonic squirrels that love feasting on our pumpkins each fall. They are quick and ruthless and in no time, flat, they can have eaten holes through our pumpkins. So yesterday, I took the time to shellac all of our pumpkins. My grandma taught me this trick. Not only does it help keep squirrels away, but it makes your pumpkins shiny and they keep for a lot longer! I cannot recommend it enough. It really just makes those pumpkins pop 🙂 You can get spray shellac at any Home Depot or Lowes. Set the pumpkins on some foil (so they don’t stick!) and don’t be shy in coating them with the spray. Let dry for 15-20 minutes and then flip to make sure you get all sides, top and bottom.

You can apply the same process to your gourds and I have even heard that if you carve your pumpkins and spray both the inside and the outside, your jack-o-lantern will stay fresh looking for much longer! I hope fall is treating you to crunchy leaves, warm fires and fun fall decorating. We sure are loving it!!


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