Chalkboard Paint Bandwagon

I am totally on board the chalkboard paint bandwagon! Thanks to many a Pinterest inspiration, I have attempted a couple of these DIY projects in recent months. I am thrilled with, not only how easy the project was to complete (I am not all that crafty, so ease is a big thing for me), but also how they turned out.

The first was a chalkboard table for my daughter. After walking over to a yard sale around the corner from Hillside Lane I happened upon an old coffee table that was her perfect height. With visions of a chalkboard table (per Pinterest inspiration) for our backyard, I inquired on the asking price. When I found out it was only $2, I was sold. I was so excited with the project that I forgot to take “BEFORE” pictures, but I will say that the project was quick and easy.

 The original table had green legs, so I kept those as a cute accent to the black top.

 My other chalkboard paint endeavor was a graduation present for my sister-in-law. She recently graduated as a respiratory therapist, an accomplishment worthy of a very special gift. What I know about my sister-in-law is that she loves three things – my brother, shoes and cheese (not necessarily in that order). So I decided to put my chalkboard paint to work for me again. After seeing a couple of inspiring pins (see here and here) I found a set of three pretty silver trays at the local Goodwill and set about making a cheese platter for Sweet D. Here are the results…

I have to be careful, these projects were so fun and easy that I might mistake myself for an actual DIY’er 😉



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