Dinner Party Details

We recently threw a dinner party to celebrate my brother and sister-in-law’s November birthdays. As I was getting ready for the night I took a little inspiration from all the amazing wedding menus that I have seen on Pinterest (see here and here) and decided to make a menu for the evening festivities.

A couple things you should knnow about D&D….1) They LOVE steak and 2) They never take a “normal” picture. So as I was planning for the festivities I thought it would be fun to theme the menu around a steakhouse dinner – stuffed mushrooms, wedge salad, onion rings, green beans and LOTS and LOTS of blue cheese crusted steak. As I created the menu I also added a funny picture of the two guests-of-honor tearing it up on the dance floor at a recent wedding.


Add a few candles and VOILA!



You have to try out this stuffed mushrooms recipe. It was so good that I only was able to grab ONE before they had all disappeared. Amazing!!


One comment

  1. Everything about the evening was amazing! Perfect setting – loved the personalized menus – fabulous food – wonderful company and endless laughter! Doesn’t get any better!!!

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