Picture Perfect Tree….Kinda

I always have these grand visions for our Christmas tree each year. I comb through the Pottery Barn catalogs for inspiration and imagine my tree looking just as grand, with each ribbon, ornament and light in the perfect spot. In reality, the tree doesn’t look perfect…but I do love it. I love turning on Christmas music and Dris and I stringing the lights, adding the ribbon and then the ornaments. My dad always said that bringing out ornaments to put on the tree is like old friends you only get to see once a year. I couldn’t agree more. It is so fun to unpack each and find my favorites and the ones that were just added to the collection. Some favorites…


1. “The Lizenbergs”, the start of our little family
2. “L”, given to Luci on her first Christmas by her godmother
3. Hilton Head Island Lighthouse, my all-time favorite that I picked up on our honeymoon

This year, I tried something new. I printed out some black and white pictures of our family over the past year and added them as “ornaments” to the tree. Not only does it add a very personal touch to the tree, but it, very practically, also fills any remaining gaps (again, we’re not quite Pottery Barn caliber yet). The pictures are a great reminder of so many happy memories from the past year – trips, parties and with our Luci, many “firsts”.

IMG_4331\ IMG_4369


So while the tree might not be gracing the pages of Pottery Barn, it is our perfect family tree.



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