Resolutions, 2013

The evening of Jan. 1st I took down our tree, put all the festive decor neatly back in place and cleaned and vacuumed to get Hillside Lane back in tip-top form. It felt like a clean slate, which was the perfect way to start the year.

New Year

In many ways this past year was an amazing year – Luci started walking, she turned one, we got to enjoy so many fun celebrations for weddings and birthdays and engagements and holidays. But 2012 was not an easy year. It was a hard year in many ways that we expected and some that we didn’t, but we grew and learned and made so many memories with the people that mean the most. 2013 will build on everything that happened in 2012 and we have a LOT to look forward to!

When Andris and I were talking about our top goals for Hillside Lane for 2013, I decided I couldn’t limit myself to just 3 – maybe 3-ish per level, and the garage and the backyard each count individually. Hey, a girl can dream, right?!?! So here they are….a working list of goals – some big, some small. We’ll see how we do come this time next year!

Family Room

  • New Throw Pillows – navy and white stripe (DIY special!)
  • Lamps – already found a set that will be a perfect fit! Ella lamps from BB&B….cannot wait! – Accomplished, 1/6
  • Toy Bench – a project with my in-laws

Living Room/Dining Room

  • Lamp for the Dining Room – I don’t think I can look at the uplight from my brother’s high school bedroom much longer
  • Window Treatments – panels for the living room (possibly a DIY!)
  • Entry Way Table – I’ve already fell in love with this one from Target….let’s hope it fits!
  • Bar Stools – found these great options at Ikea this past weekend. They’re perfect – they match our floors, our table and our budget – can’t wait to saddle up to the peninsula


  • Change Nursery to Big Girl Bedroom
  • Master Bedroom Furniture – maybe this piece to replace my dresser that is jimmy-rigged to stand up or redo a couple of Craigslist find nightstands…or BOTH!
  • (DIY) Prints for the Bathroom – I can never figure out bathroom decor, but one day it hit me that I already have exactly what we need – sailboat pics from our honeymoon in Hilton Head Island. Here’s a sneak peek (think B&W):



Backyard & Garage

  • Reseed Necessary Spots – first attempt, May 2013; second attempt, this fall
  • Roto-till Back Strip & Plant Grass – completed, June 2013
  • Garage Door Opener

This seems like a really long list, and priority #1 is to the budget this year, but some are DIY and some are things we’ve already been saving for. No matter what, it’s fun to dream BIG and see what we can do. There is always Mother’s Day and birthdays…when did getting stuff for the house become so much fun???

Welcome 2013!



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