“I Love Lamp” – Family Room

Andris always teases me with the line from Anchorman, “I love lamp.” And he’s right – although I like to think I have a more eloquent way of wording it. Somehow our home builder, 50+ years ago, did not think overhead lighting was necessary…like zero, zilch. We were lucky enough that some were installed before we bought Hillside Lane, in both the kitchen and Luci’s room, but literally – that’s it. So that makes lighting tricky and makes me a new connoisseur of lamps.

Our family room is on the bottom level of the house and has these great exposed beams and a very cozy feel. During the day it gets tons of natural light, but in the evenings, it gets pretty dark. We were still using, what my cousin affectionately named, “The Joint Lamp” to supply most of the light. The lamp was left by the realtor and since there weren’t a lot of other options, it became a fixture in our family room. YIKES!

Joint Lamp

While strolling around Bed Bath & Beyond a couple weeks back, with a store credit burning a hole in my pocket, I happened upon this set of Ella Lamps and quickly fell in love. The pictures don’t quite do them justice, but they have light burlap texture shades and a black base  finish with bronze undertones.


When you put our credit, together with the fact they were 25% off and then the additional 20% coupon that we had – we scored these three lamps for just over $13.00 – another reason they are so perfect!

Lamps - New

Lamps - New II

Family Room

The soft lighting just makes the space a little prettier, cozier and happier. You’ll have to come over to really settle in and enjoy, as my iPhone pics, don’t totally do it justice; but I am thrilled with the results and happy to check one thing off my 2013 resolutions. More family room inspiration to come soon – as we received a great addition to it as a Christmas present from some of our best friends. I love how this room is becoming all about the people we love the most. xo



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