Color from Cabo

Hola! I can officially report that warm weather, sunshine and flip-flops do exist, even if it takes me to Cabo San Lucas to find it. Over the past five days, Andris and I were lucky enough to be treated to my amazing company’s incentive trip for 2012. These trips are like nothing else that I will ever experience – drinks, food, outings, golf, spa, gifts, and unforgettable locations – I couldn’t find a nicer trip if I tried. Here’s a sneak peak of our experience in Cabo….

The view from our balcony


Welcome dinner


Mornings on the beach


The flowers were amazing…I wouldn’t mind them in my backyard!


Dinners on the beach


While there I tried to channel my inner Nate Berkus and find something from our travels to bring back home. The great thing about Cabo is all the color – whether it is the color of the water, the colorful linens that they use or the handpainted bowls that we found. I spoke with the shopkeeper – he, his wife and sister paint each of the bowls, platters or jewelry pieces that they sell by hand. The only thing that kept me from buying more was the thought of transporting them back in my already over-packed suitcase.

 The first is a perfect “pop” of color for our main bathroom.



(by the way, aren’t those buns just to die for?!?!)


It perfectly brings in the blue of our towels, but also gives me some play in case we ever change the color scheme in there. Pair this with the B&W pics I plan to hang over the towel rod and the bathroom will be looking more “complete” soon!

And this one was a little something we brought home for Luci’s room.



I didn’t realize how similar the two bowls were until we were back – clearly this pattern was calling my name!

Also, I follow this adorable blog, The Happy Homebodies, and back around the holidays I read her post about collecting ornaments from all the places that they had travelled. I thought this was a great idea, but I had some catching up to do. This was our 3rd trip to Cabo, so I wanted to make sure to grab something to remind us of all the amazing trips we have had there. The same shopkeeper who was selling the bowls also had these awesome painted fish hung in a mobile. I thought that one of those fish, with all its bright colors, would be a perfect addition for our Christmas tree. He was nice enough to dismantle one of his mobiles and give us the fish our our choice. I absolutely LOVE it!


Hopefully the warmth and sunshine of Cabo will follow us back to Chicago soon! At least we were able to bring a little Cabo color back home while we wait. We are all ready for spring on Hillside Lane!




  1. Wow, a trip to Cabo as an incentive from your company! What a great reward to have earned. Thank you for sharing your photos, it looks like it was a wonderful experience.

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