St. Patty’s Day Traditions – Lucky #7

Our annual St. Patrick’s Day party is ALWAYS my favorite day of the year. I get so excited for the green beer, ALL the good food, the Irish music and so many of our family and friends that come out to celebrate. Last year we got to bask in 80-degree weather, sitting in the backyard, playing bags and listening to music. But let’s be realistic – this is the Midwest and it’s March. Clearly 80-degrees was too good to be true two years in a row. Despite some dreary March weather, the party was festive, warm and so much fun. I think it may have been the best party yet!

Here’s a few snapshots from the day…..

We started the morning with an Irish treat! I am hoping a fun breakfast of donuts becomes a tradition to look forward to for our kids.

Irish Breakfast

Clearly the donuts were a hit….

Donut Girl

I used a little Pinterest inspiration and found these FREE printables to put around the house. Find them here and here.

Keep Calm and....

Framed Printable

We set up a plates station to help with “flow” upstairs and used our console table, which doubles as a bar – my favorite feature – downstairs to hold the wine and the cups for the beer, which was out back.

Plates Station


I bought these hats to double as bowls for our first party, seven years ago. It may be the best $3 I have ever spent. They work perfectly and add an extra hint of Irish charm. Between the snacks and the spread of food we have each year, no one goes hungry!

Snack Hats

The Spread

My favorite addition this year was the bonfire out back. Andris thought it would be a great way to warm up the backyard and maybe even lure a few people outside. Success on both counts and absolutely a tradition that will make an appearance from here on out!


It’s funny how this party has changed over the years. When it first started, seven years ago, we woke up at 7:00am, tapped the keg and started the day with a green beer. Now we still wake up at 7:00am, but that is accompanied by a full cup of coffee and an active 19-month-old “Irish dancing” in the living room. The other thing that has changed is how many kids are at the party now. In seven years we’ve gone from no kids to TONS of kids – and really, it has only made the party better. In preparation, I put together some Irish coloring books for the kids to do up in our office. I found a bunch of FREE coloring pages on Pinterest that were perfect.

Coloring Books

I don’t know who was more excited for the day, me or Luci…. 

Irish Hat

Dris and Lu

Irish Lass

Either way, it was a fantastic day filled with so many people that we care so much about. I love how St. Patty’s has become such a fun tradition for our family and continues to grow and change. It is something to look forward to for many years to come! I already cannot wait for next year – put it on your calendar, 3/15/2014! Slainte!



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