Inspired Lighting

As you may remember from this blog entry, lighting on Hillside Lane isn’t easy to come by. We get TONS of natural light, which I adore, but overhead lighting is scarce. So, while I will be the last person to complain about any lighting that we do have, there are opportunities to update, refine or redo. The pendant light over our peninsula was just such an opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong – the globe pendant from West Elm that was there when we moved in is modern, chic and probably fits great in many houses. But the way Hillside Lane has continued to evolve, it was just a bit too modern for our tastes.

Here it is back when our house was staged for sale.

Globe Pendant IIGlobe PendantSo if not that, then what? Well, I went in search of inspiration and I didn’t have to go much farther than one of my favorite blogs – Hey Gorgeous Events. I was introduced to Hey Gorgeous through a friend of mine and I quickly fell in love with Rhi, her house, her style and the gorgeous weddings, events and blooms that she plans (if only I had known of her back when I was getting married!). I am am avid blogette of hers now!

Funny enough, the reason I was referred to Rhi’s blog was because of a light fixture – the West Elm Capiz chandelier is what I dream of over our dining room table and Rhi features it in her kitchen as well. It was SO helpful to see the chandelier in a home and one with so many similarities to ours – she had the same table and chairs and similar kitchen coloring.

Lighting Inspiration

We had some great friends in town recently, whose expertise includes changing out light fixtures. Andris and I had considered a number of different pendants to replace the globe, but with Rhi’s kitchen as inspiration and a palette for how well it would work with the chandelier that we would like, we settled on this one from Lowe’s.

Here it is in Rhi’s kitchen, paired with our same white cabinetry, dark table & floors and Capiz chandelier.

Pendant Inspiration II

Pendant Inspiration

With a few hiccups, a fair amount of ingenuity and a couple of beers, Andris and Chuck were able to put in the new light on a Saturday morning and I have been grinning ear to ear ever since. The new pendant has the clean lines that we love and I adore the nickel finish. It just seems to better complete that space.

Here’s a few pics of the process and finished product….






Looking forward to adding a couple of bar stools and some boxwood to continue to warm up this space. We spend so much time around this part of the kitchen that each addition is so appreciated.





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