In my dreams, I am sitting on the patio of a tiny Italian restaurant, sipping red wine, eating delicious food, overlooking some incredible backdrop with family and friends.  Ahh, one day! Until then, I’ve got an amazing placeholder….


Italy 3

Italy 2

I have a friend at work, Emily, who is just one of those people that I have liked since the moment I met her. She’s awesome. We don’t do much together outside of work – but she’s just one of those people that I hope I know for the rest of my life, because she is just that great. She and her husband have taken some amazing trips and the most recent included a stop in Venice. While stalking her pictures on Facebook, I absolutely fell in love. It’s hard to believe they are just snapshots they took. They look like they fell out of a gorgeous coffee table book.

Many of the walls at Hillside Lane continue to be bare – I just keep trying to find the right thing to fit the space and fit our taste. I don’t want to buy just to buy – nor does the budget allow for that. So when I saw the pictures above, I couldn’t help but think of the space just to the right of our hutch in the dining room. The colors, the feel, even the size would balance so perfectly with the Jack Vettriano that we have on that same wall. I know that Jack Vettriano may seem totally overplayed, but I don’t care. I really do love it. There’s something about the setting, the accents of red and the umbrellas that just makes me smile.

Jack Vettriano

So one night, after a few glasses of wine, I brought up the idea to Andris, who I thought might be reluctant. He, too, couldn’t believe how gorgeous these pictures were and had been asking to add some photography to our walls – he was on board right away. His green light was all I needed. I remembered we had some really pretty brown frames from with white mats from Home Goods that we had used in our old apartment and knew they would be perfect in style and in fit. Soon enough….


Frame Italy Pictures

We love how it turned out. The two frames seem to provide a good balance to the Vettriano on the other side, without being too matchy-matchy; and I can’t think of a more budget friendly addition to our walls:

Gorgeous photography from friend – Free!
Frames that we already had – (feels like) Free!
Two 8×10 matte prints at the local Ritz – $8.99

The third picture that we have from Emily may be making an appearance in our half bath downstairs…more to come. But for the time being, these are perfect placeholders while we work on making our own dreams of Italy come true.





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