Window Trimmings

We have the best neighborhood. It’s a little unreal. Friday nights in the summer are filled with impromtu get togethers with all the kids playing in the cul-de-sac circle. Neighbors all bring a beverage to share and enjoy pizza and the warm weather. Literally, I am counting down the days until the weather is nice enough for these evenings to begin again, and with Luci a little bit older this year, we will be able to stay longer to enjoy all these great people that we get to share Hillside with.

Recently, a Hillside neighbor, who had their windows replaced, mentioned that they had a window treatment that they could no longer use. Immediately, I was trying to mentally measure the window in front of our dining room table. I know that the homes on Hillside are all so similar, that maybe – just maybe – this window treatment might work. Andris and I both couldn’t wait to measure the window once we got home.

Our excitement over a window treatment might seem like a little much – but life on Hillside Lane has been a little reminiscent of living in a fishbowl since we moved in. With all the wonderful features that came with the renovations to Hillside Lane, one thing that it did not have was window treatments…none, nowhere, nada. Of course, the windows in a 60+ year old house are never standard sizes, so we had someone out soon after we moved in to quote us on window treatments and blinds for every room in the house. We quickly learned that this was no cheap endeavor. So we prioritized…our bedroom and the baby’s bedroom were first, and to date, the only, rooms that have gotten blinds. Life just happens and suddenly the extra $400 – $600 dollars you need for a window treatment in the dining room goes to: baby furniture….daycare….diapers….you get the idea.

So you can imagine how incredibly excited we were that this window treatment from our neighbor would fit our window. I couldn’t even contain my excitement enough to wait – I drove down the block that night to pick it up. It’s perfect – perfect size, perfect shade, perfect price (we dropped a bottle of wine off as a thank you, after our too-kind neighbors wouldn’t accept any money for it).

Here is the window as it was before, giving everyone a view of our evening routine, meals or Andris and I dancing around like fools to a toe-tapping Wiggles tune to get Luci to laugh at dinner:


My wonderful husband and father-in-law were able to hang the shade on a Sunday morning and with only one trip to Harold’s – the local hardware store.



It honestly feels like a little bit of luxury everytime we close the shade as the sun sets on Hillside Lane.




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  1. Many times I feel more excited about a lightly-used “new” item in the home than I get about about actual new things… We recently received a childrens playset for the backyard from some friends whose kids had outgrown it, and I had the same enthusiasm for getting it up that you described for the window treatment 🙂 Enjoy! xo

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