The Grass Is Greener….

The Grass is Greener

I am in love with this quote – for so many reasons. It seems to apply to every part of life – marriage, parenting, work, friendships, kids, health, budgets – the list could go on and on. It is always a good reminder that for things to be the way that we want them, it takes work and planning and time.

In our lives, it also has a very literal application – our backyard. When we first laid eyes on Hillside Lane it was late March and there were still patches of snow on the ground, but even so, we quickly fell in LOVE with the backyard. It is a great size and has so much potential. Literally, Andris and I sit outside on summer nights planning/dreaming of what we want it to become. But we’ve got a LONG way to go. By the time we moved into Hillside Lane on May 10, 2011 we found out that our backyard was literally fence-2-fence weeds – no grass to be found. And all of a sudden….we had our first project.

This gives you a decent idea of “before”….all that green on the ground – yep, that’s weeds. And there were trees lining the fence that all needed to go to allow more sunlight in the backyard.



Here it is post-tree removal…



After removing all the trees from the fence line, we had to figure out how to get rid of all the weeds and actually grow grass. We called a number of places to get estimates – some places wouldn’t even touch it, it was such a big job. Amazingly, Gus of N&G Landscaping thought he could help, but it wasn’t going to be an easy project. So in the Fall of 2011 we began the process of growing grass.

1) We had to roto-till the entire backyard


2) The weeds grew back, so we had to spray…twice
3) Eventually we were able to plant the seed
4) My amazing husband watered and watered and watered and one day we saw it…little shoots of green

Within 4 weeks, we had a lawn. When I looked out back it felt like I was in Ireland. We could hardly believe it.

Hillside Lane Grass

So that was Fall 2011. In Spring/Summer 2012 the grass came back even a bit thicker and we were thrilled. We hosted BBQs with friends, my sister-in-law and her fiance’s engagement party, one of my best friend’s bridal showers and Luci’s 1st birthday and spent many quiet nights and sun-filled mornings sitting on the patio sipping wine or coffee. But Summer 2012 also had a crazy heatwave and burned our still fledling lawn and we ended the season with lots of patches, despite our best watering efforts.

Welcome to Spring 2013 – the Year of the Lawn, Part II. When I go outside, it all feels a bit daunting. The patches need to be filled and the back strip of our yard (that we have dug out hundreds of bricks, silverware, plates and even a 5×7 rug….yep, weird!) needs to be roto-tilled and planted. And all we want is the finished product. But I keep reminding myself that compared to where we started….


….we’ve already come a long way. So here’s the to-do list for this year:

 Re-seed Necessary Areas of the Backyard
Roto-Till Back Strip
Seed Back Strip

Landscaping and making it “pretty” will have to wait another year in lieu of a healthy lawn; but at this point, I will take a moderate improvement. It’s progress. I’ll continue to keep track the evolution of the backyard along the way, because even writing this post makes me smile at what a difference two years have made, and encourages me to think where we’ll be two years from now. Hopefully it will be something closer to this:

Yard Dreaming

or this….

Yard Dreaming II





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