Seeing Green

Oh my! Oh my! Things are coming up GREEN at Hillside Lane. I wrote about it here, but let me remind you where we started two years ago:


After moving in, cutting down trees, roto-tilling and seeding, we got to this point:


Some TLC got us to this point by Summer 2012:

Hillside Lane Grass

What you can’t really see in this picture is the ground that runs along the back fence was still totally overgrown and filled with bricks (100s of them), a 5×7 run (yep, weird), metal strips, silverware, a rotting stump – you name it, we dug it out. It was a total eyesore, but required some serious work for even a marginal improvement. We had that area roto-tilled this spring (thanks to Gus from N&G Landscaping) and then seeded it ourselves.

Here is that back piece of the yard before the roto-tilling. Yikes.




Even just having all that junk cleared out made such a difference. Here is post-roto-tilling:



The rain gods smiled on us for at least a full week, and even though our attempt to seed the many patches in our yard was a bit of a FAIL, the grass along the back strip has come in beautifully. It makes the yard feel twice as big.

DSC_0177 DSC_0180

That, combined with some help from my master-gardener-mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law, things are looking pretty bright on Hillside Lane.



DSC_0185 DSC_0186

 We even transplanted these hosta beauties around the tree in our backyard.


The backyard was a big thing on our list of resolutions for this year and it feels SO GOOD to have made so much progrss. We still hope to cross a few more things off the to-do list for the yard for this year:

1) Try seeding the patches again in the fall – a few important lessons learned, like loose top soil is needed.
2) Add a hydrangea bush for the front of the house…think: fall landscaping sales.
3) Possibly transplating/splitting a few of the peonies we have in our front yard to the back to begin landscaping…another fall project

Slowly, but surely it is coming along. I remember Andris almost wouldn’t even consider looking at this house because he thought it had zero curb appeal. It’s amazing what a couple of years, a few less overgrown bushes and some flowers can do for a house.

Front of House - Before


Looking forward to enjoying many summer days enjoying the extra “green” at Hillside Lane.




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