Wedding Moments

There are just some moments in time that you wish you could bottle. You want to share them with others or take them off the shelf from time to time to enjoy all over again. Larisa and Paul’s wedding weekend was filled with those types of moments. I know I am biased; and it could be because we were in Latvia with this beautiful manor as the backdrop or because the couple holds such a special place in our hearts or even just the elegant details that filled the tent – but their wedding was one for the books.

Like any good fairytale, it all starts with the setting. Diklu Pils (pils means castle in Latvian) was just a gorgeous backdrop for all of the festivities. It mixed history and charm to really set the scene for this elegant affair. One of my favorite details of their wedding started back with their Save the Date many months ago, when they used the pils on bag tags to announce their coming nuptials.


Save the Date II

The elegance and attention to detail spilled over into the tent where everything from the flowers to the lighting seemed reminiscent of an old Hollywood affair. The hydrangeas seemed larger than could be real and the tall centerpieces drew your eyes up to the beautifully draped ceiling and row of glittering chandeliers. It truly did seem as if there were two castles in Dikli that weekend.

Inside the Tent

Centerpieces - Day

Tent Details

Two Castles

But I’d be lying if I said that all of this was my favorite part, because until you’ve seen the church that they got married in, you’ve only got half the story. The church, which was a short walk down a wooded lane from the pils, was the most picturesque of spots. Built in 1722 and then renovated in 1848, there wasn’t a more perfect spot for their wedding. I hope the photographer got pictures of the candlelit church on the day of the wedding….although no picture can truly do it justice. There is one outlet in the church and beyond that there is no electricity. It honestly took my breath away when I walked in – candles glittered all the way down the aisle and then a chandelier of candles hung just before you reached the altar. Stunning. The vows – one in English, the other in Latvian – brought tears to my eyes and when Larisa’s cousins sang, “How Great Thou Art” you could feel everyone in the church catch their breath. I still get goosebumps when I watch the video. In such a small, intimate church, it was filled with candlelight and bursting with love. What an incredible way to start their life together as a family.

Wooded Lane

Diklu Church1231263_10102876136855500_1748801807_n1239986_10102876136780650_1800707453_n

The night was filled with toasts to the happy couple, warm lighting, lots of laughter and plenty of champagne (and signature drinks: the LDJ, the bride’s drink of choice). The guests hailed from both near and far – but mostly far: South Africa, Australia, England, Latvia, America, Canada. What an incredible testament to an incredible couple.




Seating Outside

Like I said, this day was filled with moments you just wanted to bottle. We couldn’t be more grateful and honored to have been part of their big day. To Lars and Paul: Thank you for such an incredible weekend. Much love and many wishes for a lifetime filled with moments like these.

Photo Credit: Aleks Vizulis

Lars and PJ

Lars and PJ II




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