Lemonade Joy

It is very hard to believe that I have a 2 year old. These past two years have been a blur; but we’ve been blessed with a healthy, happy little girl, who fills our day with smiles, laughter and lots of “Why?” questions. So when it came time to celebrate the big 2, I wanted to do something that combined many of the simple pleasures that she loves.

It all started when I found this invite on Etsy. Seersucker and lemonade seemed to just scream a summer time birthday. I was thrilled with how they turned out and used the yellows and pinks to set the scene for our girl’s big day.

Luci Invitation

I took those pinks and yellows and tried to run them throughout the party in little details – flowers, bunting, lanterns, poms.

It started at the front door with a little homemade bunting. My hot glue gun and I got extra cozy this past week for a number of DIY additions to this soiree. I used scrapbooking paper and garden twine that we had around the house (primarily because I circled around Michael’s for 20 minutes looking for regular twine with no luck) to create this extra “flair” for the front door. For someone who doesn’t count themselves as particularly crafty, I was super excited that it turned out!

Front Door

Bunting, Close Up

While the party really took place out back, we had some pinks and yellows dotting the house as guests came through.



Cupcakes and Flowers

I had these paper lanterns left over from Luci’s 1st birthday, but I thought it would be fun to add some tissue paper poms for added dimension and texture. They sell the poms at Party City, but a quick YouTube search revealed that these buggers are actually really easy to make (and subsequently cheaper). So I tried my hand at tissue poms and while they are, by no means, perfect – from a distance, I think they were a good addition.

Lanterns and Poms - Close Up

Poms and Lanterns

That Saturday morning I told Andris that I felt like these events were like my Superbowl. For him, it’s golf. For me, it’s parties. He laughed. Thanks to Pinterest, there was no lack of inspiration for a lemonade birthday party (see here, here or here) and I used a lot of what I saw to create Luci’s Lemonade Stand. A huge thank you has to go out to my boss, who lent me the drink dispensers and cupcake stands for the event. They totally made it work!

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand, Close Up


When we were in Latvia, there were bounce houses at every park we visited. And Luci could not get enough. After arriving back, Andris insisted that we make a bounce house a priority for her birthday party. I will say that I was initially reluctant. I knew she would love it, but thought it was something we could skip. It was probably the best money we could have spent. The kids absolutely loved it and the joy on Luci’s face was just the best. Additionally, the “entertainment” value allowed the adults to enjoy a conversation and a drink in the beautiful weather. It was a win-win-win.

Bounce House

Bouncing Joy

Bounce House Exit

Bounce Bounce

The day wrapped up with Piero’s Pizza (delicious!), homemade cupcakes (also part of the budget plan – even though at 10:30pm the night before, with plenty of cupcakes left to frost, Andris reminded me that cupcakes are available for purchase…at that point, I was rethinking the dollars saved), goody bags and a very happy birthday girl.

Cupcake Time

Lemonade Goody Bags

Birthday Girl

And while the weather was perfect and the decorations were fun to put together, what really made the day were all the people that were there to help us celebrate and all the smiles from all the little ones running around. We are so incredibly grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful 2-year-old to celebrate. Mes tevi milam, Lucija! Daudz Laimes! Happy Birthday!




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