Big Girl…Big Sister

It was a lot of small steps that finally got us to transition Luci from her crib to her big girl beds – not the least of which was her new found ability to climb in, and sometimes out of, her crib – but we are there and she is loving it. The idea process started with this post, shortly after we got the beds. Six months later, we actually put them together and started putting some of that inspiration to work.

Originally, I had visions of Pottery Barn striped bedding for this room. I wanted something pretty classic and versatile that she could grow into a bit…and if she were to one day share that room with a sibling (boy or girl), it could easily be adapted. Here’s the problem….as much as I loved the PB look, I didn’t want to pay PB prices. My search for similar bedding at a cheaper price led me to one solid conclusion – there is a lot of ugly bedding out there. Then I stumbled upon this navy and white striped bedding from Target. Navy seems a bit counter-intuitive for a little girl’s room, but I knew that with the right accents it could be really cute. And the price couldn’t be beat. Andris needed more than just my word on this one…so I created this “inspiration board” as part of my persuasion strategy.

Luci's Navy and Pink RoomWith this and a little color commentary (nerdy pun intended), I was able to win him over to my side. Then the fun came in starting to put it all together.

Step one was clearing out the nursery and moving it over to the third bedroom. Luci’s nursery was simple and sweet. I always had big plans for her name above the crib, more frames on the wall and book racks, but as the months flew by I realized that if it wasn’t done, investing a lot more in nursery design when big girl beds weren’t that far away seemed silly. I will always love this nursery though. I love that Andris picked out the bedding and the DIY frames that Luci’s godmother and I made and filled with some of our favorite B&W pictures of our growing girl. We’ve spent lots of hours in this room – rocking, reading and playing.

This one is a blast from the past, but in my excitement to get the beds up, I forgot to take a picture of the nursery the way it was. This pic at least gives a glimpse at her bedding – the pink and white stripes were perfect.


And this one gives you an idea of the dark furniture we ordered. We still laugh that Luci got the nicest furniture in all of Hillside Lane. But seriously…that little face is worth it 🙂

Luci 5 month

DIY Frames

Stories with Paddington

Welcome, Big Girl Beds. These were the perfect fit for this room. Literally….with very few inches to spare. We decided to not bunk the beds because our little monkey loves to climb on things and I definitely have visions of her scaling the beds, day and night. Andris and his dad put them together on a Saturday and we added the bedspreads with hot pink sheets. We needed to make sure to “girl” up the navy bedding. I have to say, I love it. And once we are able to tackle more projects for this room – it will be even better.




Still left on the to-do list for this room…

  • Remove the GIANT yellow sticker from the bed frame…ASAP!
  • Paint the dresser white and added colored nobs
  • Paint the chest nightstand white Despite big plans to paint this nightstand white, I ended up liking the warm wood tones with the white beds and navy/pink bedding – so I think I am going to leave it just as it is! I consider it one thing already checked off the to-do list.
  • Get a shade for the $5 yard sale lamp (maybe add a little ribbon to the shade for color)
  • Update B&W pictures and mat color to the existing frames – lime green here we come
  • Add fabric colored canvases to the wall to bring some fun colors into the room
  • Find white shams to have a pink “L” or “LLD”monogrammed on for the beds
  • Over the bed decor – once we got the beds in there I realized how BIG the blank space is above the beds. Not sure exactly what this space will become – but it needs something.

It seems like a lot, but really, it is just a bunch of small projects. The goal – have it all done by St. Patrick’s Day. Not only was Luci ready for big girl beds, but we had to make room because this big girl is going to be a big sister come April.

Baby Bruno

The baby is due on Masters Sunday, so very appropriate for our household. We feel overwhelmingly blessed with this new addition and can’t wait for the new nursery to be filled with tiny fingers and toes, happy coos and late night cries. It seems hard to believe, but Hillside Lane will be filled with even more love….we can hardly wait.





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