So here’s the thing…when you convert your home office to the new nursery – you lose a place to put a room’s worth of stuff. The past weeks have been trying to figure out the jigsaw puzzle that is our house and where/how everything can fit. It is both a rewarding and entirely maddening exercise.

A couple things were easy and obvious choices….

  • Book Shelf – this Target bookshelf dates back to my junior year in college and my first apartment – the Spanish Villas in St. Paul, MN. It was warped on the top and ready for retirement. Despite a lot of fond memories with this bookshelf present, it quickly found it’s way to the curb.
    Villas Bookshelf
  • Desk/Table – we got this kitchen table in our first apartment and it had been doubling as a desk on Hillside Lane. It was a great table and we weren’t quite ready to get rid of it. Luckily it stores pretty flat, so it was an easy addition to slip into our garage for future parties and projects.
  • Cube Storage – this one took a little thinking, but as mentioned here, it became some additional toy storage in our furnace room. Score.

So what we are left with is all the “extras” – the computer, printer, papers, supplies, books, plants and frames that filled the room. Those were less obvious answers. Some just required a second go through to realize that 90% of it was “pitchable”; but there was still a lot that needed a new home.


I am a total history nerd with a collection of hard covers ranging from the American Revolution to Kennedy and beyond, and I wasn’t about to give them up. I don’t know where they may one day land, but between now and then they are moving into the storage crawl space for a date and time still TBD.


This is worth mentioning only because the movement of this plant displaced a vase that eventually found it’s way into our bedroom. The plant in question was from my grandfather’s funeral over 20 years ago, so it is definitely something I wanted to stay. And it is hearty enough that it is difficult to kill, which is helpful for me, since I don’t have the greenest thumb around. It eventually made it’s way to our family room, which seemed like a perfect fit. It seemed to warm up the space even better than the vase had. The vase was a wedding present that we have loved. I tried it in our living room, but the colors were just too warm to work with the cool palette we have going in there. Now it is living on the dresser in our bedroom. It looks somewhat out of place in our disheveled bedroom now, but there is hope for that room coming soon….but more on this next.



The biggest problem was the computer and printer. It needed a spot. There’s not room for this stuff to just float and while I think that a desk area will eventually develop down in the family room, that’s still probably seven+ years away. While our kids are still young I have visions of games and toys and footballs flying through our family room – none of which is conducive to housing expensive computers. My solution was a small desk in our bedroom, which is when the real jigsaw game began.

We started by moving Andris’ 5-drawer dresser into Luci’s new big girl room. It was a bit narrower than the one she had and fit the space perfectly. It needs a coat of paint, but it does the trick. Before Baby #2 arrives, Andris is using the nursery dresser as his own and to hold our TV. We turned this dresser so it was flat against the wall, giving us a few extra inches to squeeze in a desk.

Here is our current room in all it’s glory…


I think Andris put it best when he said, “I don’t feel like the master of anything in our master bedroom…”.

That “desk” is currently a plastic folding table from our garage…but it does serve the purpose. Our computer and printer (and anything else we don’t have a spot for yet) have at least a temporary home and it has spurred enough conversation about the bedroom layout to come up with some new ideas. I love the Pottery Barn tool that allows you to enter in the dimensions of your room and move furniture around to scale. SO HELPFUL.

My first attempt looked a lot like what our bedroom looks like today. But it seemed that with a smaller desk and more streamlined nightstands that it would all fit.

NOTE: the chair in the corner is something we would LOVE to add to our bedroom, so we are trying to figure out how to fit everything +desk +chair.

Master Bedroom, ILuckily, Andris’ reply was, “You said options [in the email I sent]. Were there more ideas?”. He was right – there had to be another way to look at this. So I tried to rethink the entire room. Here’s what we came up with…

Rethinking the MasterIn this one, we lose a dresser and rearrange a lot of the furniture, but I feel like it comes out more streamlined and sophisticated. Honestly, we don’t need all the dresser space we have. I think it gives us an excuse to hold onto clothes we never wear. We can definitely condense and share. We can mount our TV on the wall to give us some space on top of the dresser for frames and such (read: Andris’ bowl of change, keys, wallet, etc.) and we still have space to fit the chair we want and a desk. I’m excited. Now it’s just getting all the pieces to make this happen.

With three+ months to go before Baby #2 arrives, I quickly realized that our bedroom has to take a bit of a priority, if for no other reason than to fit the bassinet in our bedroom. That sounds like good motivation to me. Hopefully, I’ll be back to post updates soon.





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