Toy Takeover

My cousin, Megan, came over one day many months ago and said, with a knowing grin (Megan has three kids of her own), “It feels like the walls move in a little bit more each time I come over.” She was referencing the ever increasing amount of toys in our family room. And she’s right….



And let’s not forget about the toy storage next to the washer and dryer…


And baskets, baskets, baskets…


You could say that, as Luci has accumulated more toys, my passion for toy organization has exponentially increased. I know I’m a bit crazy that each toy has a spot, but without a true basement to store them all in, hyper-organization of the toys keeps me sane. But let’s be honest – I’m not naive enough to think that it stops here. She’s two and she’s one child. I know the toy count will only increase. But I was thrilled to come up with some additional storage room that will help keep it all from overwhelming us, at least for a little while longer.

When we moved Luci to her big girl beds and converted the 3rd bedroom from an office to the nursery for Baby #2, we were faced with what to do with this piece of furniture.

Picture from the Target website. Again, in my haste to get projects done – I forget about the “before” pictures.

Cube Storage - Target

It was in perfect shape. We had just gotten it for some additional storage in the office after we moved in; but there also wasn’t a space in the house that lent itself to another piece of furniture. I am big on things fitting within a room. A not-so-huge house will start to look and feel even smaller if we try shoving too much into each room. Then it dawned on me – our furnace closet has acted as a storage closet/catch-all for the past 2.5 years. With a little rearranging this space could become a LOT more functional. With this new idea and re-purposed piece of furniture, I was on a mission.

Step one (why is it that when I think of steps in a process these days, the Special Agent Oso song is constantly playing in the background – #lucilovesoso) was to get this space cleaned out. It couldn’t all go. Some of it was in there for a reason – so it was a matter or organizing some and getting rid of others.

Before (…yikes):


After getting the room cleaned out, it got fun. We were able to make room for some extra toy storage. I am even anticipating/reserving some spots for gifts that I have heard are on Santa’s list this year. I mean, you never know with the Big Guy, but I do have my sources.





I’m in love. Seriously…sometimes I just open the door to look at it. Ridiculous, I know; but such a small piece of toy storage heaven. Luci loves it too and we’ve even got some room to grow into this space – adding extra toy baskets and even shelves up above. For at least a little while longer, we’ve avoided letting the toys takeover Hillside Lane.

I saw this thing on Pinterest that said you only have 940 Saturdays with your kids before they are 18. Nine hundred and forty! When I think of it like that, all I want to do is slow time down as much as possible. So many of those Saturdays will be filled with soccer games or Latvian school or a million other activities that will keep us busy. It’s a good reminder that I need to soak up these toy-filled-days that make our walls come in a bit closer while I’ve got them. It will all be gone too fast and will be wishing for it all back again.





  1. Ah, gosh, you should see our house. 🙂 Mostly the toys have their place, but sadly those “places” seem to more often than not share our living space… Glad you’ve found a way to utilize this additional space, and merry Christmas and happy New Year to you and the family!

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