Resolutions, 2014

Just like last year, I get a little “Scroogey” by about December 27th and am ready to take all Christmas decorations down for the year. As excited as I am to put the decorations up, I am equally excited to take them down. Mentally, it just helps me to head back to work with a house that is ready to go and without the thought of still having to take all the decorations down looming overhead. This year was no different. Happy New Year!


I was looking back at my resolutions for Hillside Lane, 2013. I was amazed at all that we had accomplished.

Family Room

  • New Throw PillowsAccomplished, December 2013
  • LampsAccomplished, 1/6
  • Toy Bench – red chevron is in our future

Living Room/Dining Room

  • Lamp for the Dining Room
  • Window TreatmentsAccomplished, November 2013
  • Entry Way Table
  • Bar StoolsAccomplished, December 2013


  • Change Nursery to Big Girl BedroomAccomplished, November 2013
  • Master Bedroom Furniture
  • Prints for the Bathroom – Accomplished, December 2013

Backyard & Garage

  • Reseed Necessary Spotsfirst attempt, May 2013; second attempt, this fall
  • Roto-till Back Strip & Plant Grass – completed, June 2013
  • Garage Door Opener

It was an ambitious list to begin with and pretty staggering how much we have accomplished in a year. I know that much of this was the result of the generosity of our family. Who knew that gifts for the house would become some of my favorites?!?! We are incredibly grateful and I love the way Hillside Lane continues to grow and change each year. It is the whole reason that I keep this blog – to tell the story of our family through our home and all the projects, moments, family and celebrations that we are so blessed to experience.

So onto 2014. It is undoubtedly going to be a big year with Baby #2 arriving in April (seriously, I can hardly wait). And of course, there is a running wish list of projects that I’d love to take on for Hillside Lane, but only a few that really have to get done.

Family Room

  • Travel Map (DIY) – while totally a nice-to-have, rather than a need-to-have, I have visions of a travel map with a cork backing that we can use to chart our travels as a family. This is a total DIY special, so maybe I can sneak it in the budget.
  • Grab Your Oar(d)s – Luci has this Mickey CD and one of the songs is “Grab Your Oars”, but there was a typo and when it comes up on our sound system in the car it is called, “Grab Your Oards”….which Andris and I find funny. We are nerds. I think these oars would be the perfect addition to our downstairs style.

Grab Your Oards

Living Room

  • Window Cornice (DIY) – with the addition of the panels in the family room, this cornice would help define the large window on the dining room side and would provide some continuity by utilizing the same fabric. I feel like the architectural detail will also add some additional character to that room. My in-laws are moving to Michigan, but always love projects when they are in town, so maybe we can take advantage on a weekend trip to see their grandkids.
  • Year of the Boxwood – I want to add some boxwood greens to our main floor, in a couple of spots. I just feel like they are so classic and can provide a couple of “natural” pops (mind you I am clearly in the market for faux). And seriously, after seeing this Pin, who doesn’t want boxwood balls on their countertops 😉
    The Year of Boxwood
  • Dining Room Lamp – even though it was on the 2013 list and didn’t get done, this is still a nagging priority for me. My brother’s high school lamp totally fills the bill in terms of function, but oh this Target Threshold lamp would look so much nicer.
    Threshold Lamp


  • Master Bedroom – so here’s where we start getting into the “priority” section of the list. As mentioned in this post, our bedroom is becoming a rising priority as we make way for Baby #2’s arrival. To be honest, there really is just a couple more pieces we need to get to make this room work a bit more functionally. I hear “tax return” item in our future.
  • Luci’s Bedroom – also, just a few small projects left on this list as well. My goal is to have this one done by St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Nursery – this room won’t need much, but once we know if we have Baby Lizenbergs Boy or Girl, we’ll be able to finish off this space and add a name above the crib. In the meantime, there are some organizing projects that are just waiting for me and are totally free to complete.

Backyard & Garage

  • Grass & Landscaping – I’m not sure when “growing grass” won’t be on our priority list. We need to reseed in spots and after all our work of roto-tilling and growing grass this past year, the local electric company decided our backyard was the perfect spot to dig for underline power lines – leaving us with big holes in our yard. We’ll see how well their yard repairs worked come springtime. I’d also love to add a couple items to start landscaping the backyard. Even though it has improved leaps and bounds since moving in (see that process…#1 here and #2 here)…I’m ready for a little color and “finishing”. Clearly, small steps is the key here. It’s funny how something can improve so much and when you look at it you still feel like it is so far away.
  • Garage Door – some way, some how, we are making this a reality this year. It is all that my husband really wants at the end of the day. I was told that it has gotten bumped in lieu of interior decor – so we’ll make sure we move this up on the priority list this year.

It will be fun to look back a year from now and see where we are on this list of 2014 resolutions. I like to think that this blog will be so fun to look back on 5, 10, even 20 years from now to see how far we’ve come. It’s amazing the changes we have seen in just the past 365 days. No matter what, I have no doubt that it will serve as a reminder of just how blessed we are as a family. We are so very lucky on Hillside Lane and I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store.

Happy New Year.





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