13 in 13

It’s hard to believe that I am 28 weeks pregnant this week. I like to say 7 months, because it sounds farther along (to match this rapidly growing belly of mine), but that’s a bit of a double edged sword because even though I am counting down the moments until our new little one arrives, I feel like my to-do list before he/she comes home to Hillside Lane is ever expanding (similar to my waistline)…and I am getting slower and slower.

It has been a hectic pregnancy. I think that just comes with the territory of Baby #2 and having a toddler running around. It’s really better than the first time around – the weeks go by faster, I’m much more relaxed about everything and there is so much more to focus on than just the aches, pains and cravings (and joys, of course!) of pregnancy. It makes it go by faster, but the pure exhaustion sets in a little sooner each night and with Andris having been on crutches for the past eight weeks – I know I’ve been pushing my body more than I should…so I am TRYING to slow down.

In an effort to make these next 13 weeks go by a little bit faster and narrow my focus to just those must-do things that have to get done before the baby is here, I created a list of 13 projects I’d like to get done before the baby arrives. One project a week seems feasible and with Dris off crutches in (fingers crossed) a matter of days, I think we can knock some of these out pretty easily.

In no particular order….

Paint and Put Up a Second Shelf in Luci’s Closet

This closet has already come a LONG way. It was very reminiscent of Monica’s secret closet on Friends.Monica's Closet

It was to the point that I couldn’t bring myself to even take “Before” pictures, but the “After” is getting there. Luci has a big closet for a little person, so for the time being our coats and extra dresses and sport coats are living in the back half of her closet. A mud room with a coat closet is in our future, but that’s still a few years away – so for the time being, this works. There are brackets already in the closet for a second shelf – we just need to get a piece of wood to fit. Then I can add some baskets for extra storage to make this space as useful as possible. More on Luci’s room to come.

Paint Luci’s Dresser

I do want this done, but I think I am going to have to do some sweet talking to make this happen…and probably throw in a favorite dinner or two for the Mr. This dresser was mine in college, but it is still in great shape and a perfect fit (quite literally) for Luci’s room.


I think it has some sort of veneer on it, so I have to do some research on how to paint over it, but I think making this navy blue to match her striped bedding would really help to finish the room off.  My mom and I are going to paint the knobs some bright colors to make it fun, but I will likely need my handy husband’s help in getting this guy sanded so I can paint. Let’s be honest – if it doesn’t happen before Baby #2 arrives, the likelihood of it happening after seems slim. I’ve heard it gets busier when you have two kids 🙂

Luci's Dresser Knobs - DIY

Organize Under the Steps

We have this great storage crawl space under our stairs. It extends the full length of the main floor of the house. One day we will have concrete poured under there, but between now and then – we are making it work. What isn’t working is the ever increasing number of bins with Luci’s clothes (God help us if we have a boy and double this with boy clothes bins), along with all the other “stuff” that is being stored under there. A lot of it just needs to be cleaned out (read: thrown out). The immediate goal is to get more clothes bins situated under there and some boxes filled with books (from the Great Office Clean Out/Nursery Swap of 2013). Currently, I don’t know where these are going to go. I don’t think that this project is going to get done the way I want it to get done until after the baby arrives.  All the bending, lifting, and moving required for one person that is REALLY pregnant and the other that is still in an immobilizing boot, doesn’t make this super doable – but we do need an interim solution before Baby Bruno arrives.

Add a Second Shelf in the Baby’s Room

This one is easy. I’ve emptied out the baby’s closet and think that an extra bar and shelf could double the space and make room for some accessible baskets for storage.

Cupcake Fabric Project

This one is just about me and my hot glue gun getting cozy for an afternoon project. My girl loves to bake and has an equal (or likely, greater) love for cupcakes. When I saw this fabric with colorful cupcakes on 50% off sale at Joann, I knew it would be a great accent for my sweet 2-year old’s room.


I am going to use this fabric to wrap around a couple of canvases and space them between some white frames with colorful mats.

Luci’s Baby Book

It is somewhat inexcusable that Luci’s baby book isn’t done yet…but I actually have an excuse. It was done – perfectly, ready to go on Shutterfly. For whatever reason, I didn’t order it right then and the whole “out of sight, out of mind” thing kind of kicked in until about four months ago, when I went to take a look and order it. The project was still there, but it was EMPTY. There were no pictures, no information on any of the pages. I almost cried. Luci will have a baby book before we have another baby…but I am starting from scratch.

Clean Out Our Closet

As we transform our bedroom from the college dorm room that it is, into something slightly more adult, we need to make sure our closet is ready to go to maximize our storage space. The plan is to consolidate two dressers to one, so we are going to have to get creative with our storage.

Master Bedroom Flip

This might be the thing on the list I am most excited for. By no means will our bedroom be “done” after this, but it may seem a bit more grown up…and more importantly, there should be room for the bassinet, which is the real impetus for the immediate change. Soon enough we will bite the bullet and get the wireless receiver so we can move our bedroom TV to the opposite wall and will invest in the Hemnes 8-drawer dresser (I check Craigslist weekly for the possibility that we find a well-priced, gently used version).Ikea Hemnes

We also need to add an actual desk to the mix to replace the plastic folding table that is far too big for the room (see it here).

Desk LoveOrganize Small Toys

This one is easy too – I just need a few small storage containers for those random small toys that I’m not ready to throw away, but that make our toy baskets difficult to find anything in. I’ve already spotted a perfect solution at 5-Below. Leave it to me to organize organization baskets. Clearly my toy organization obsession (see other evidence here) is ongoing.

Clean Out Luci and Baby’s Dresser Drawers

Again, this one is just a matter of making the time. In an effort to maximize the space we have, we need to use the drawer space more efficiently.

Wash Baby Clothes and Bottles

This seems pretty practical, right?!?! And once we have the drawers of all these dressers cleaned out and ready to go, we can fill them with the tiniest of clothes and socks. I can’t wait!

Clean Out Linen Closet

Only Pinterest can make me covet an organized linen closet. Do you think it is  possible to make our linen closet look a bit more like these? I am going to try….

Linen Closet Nirvana

Linen Closet Inspiration

Linen Closet Inspiration II

Clean Out Bathroom Drawers and Cabinets

Last but not least, a little deep cleaning and organization for the bathroom. It’s been 2.5 years since we dropped all our stuff in here and I’m guessing there is probably a better way to do it. With additional toothbrushes and pastes, brushes, hair ties, etc., making their way into the bathroom, it could stand a little TLC.

Well, now that it is all written down – it looks like a lot, but I feel like this is the priority list…everything else is just gravy. And if I can let go of some of the “small” things – like freshly washed floors or a well organized fridge – then I might be able to slow down just enough to enjoy these last months as a family of three….and really, that’s where the priority is.





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