One, Two, Three, Four…

Lucky for me, with some encouragement, I have a very agreeable husband. Put another way – he’s awesome. My zeal to attack my 13 in 13 list got us to check off a few big projects over the past couple of weeks and a HUGE shout out goes to Andris, who was so essential in getting all these things checked off the list. He really is the best.

Baby’s Closet, 2nd Shelf

This one was an almost-easy fix. It seemed that the closet was the perfect fit for a standard 4′ shelf and bar. Well, it was perfect…too perfect…and required a couple of trips back to the hardware store for some extra cuts to make it fit, but it is in and ready to go for Baby #2 to arrive. There is a laundry list of things left to do in this room (I’ll spare you the current picture of the baby’s room – think: tornado of stuff), but we are getting closer.

Luci’s Closet, 2nd Shelf

In my head, this project was a bigger project than it really needed to be. Enter pre-finished boards from Home Depot. Who knew these existed??? Clearly, not me. Rather than getting a raw piece of wood, getting it sized, painting it, letting it dry (patience is not my forte), then painting the other side, then putting it up – we found a beautiful pre-finished board that was roughly the right size. Home Depot even went as far as to cut the board to our specifications for free. Seriously – it doesn’t get easier. And with the brackets already in, it was just a matter of putting it in and soon filling with some “cute” storage solutions (see some ideas below…)



5-Below Baskets, my new obsession for cheap organization

Five Below Baskets

Bedroom Flip & Clean Out Closet

We were quite the sight – one 7+ months pregnant, the other still in a walking boot from foot surgery – trying to fully rearrange our bedroom furniture (with a previously broken/jimmy-rigged dresser that literally collapsed as we were trying to move it) and put together a new dresser (it was the first time I have seen 2am in a while) – but we did it! And we LOVE it!

Labeled Room




So let’s talk about what changed.

1) First of all, the bed. We moved it from one outside wall to the other – freeing up some serious floor space and making room for the bassinet for Baby #2.

2) We went from two chests of drawers to one long, low dresser – and it really cleans up the room, making it more streamlined, and giving me a spot for a little bedroom decor.

3) Through Andris’ powers of persuasion he got U-Verse to waive the up front fee for wireless cable and we were able to move our TV to a new spot in the room without having to run a big ‘ole black cable around the room. Score. Eventually we’ll get that TV up on the wall to free up more surface area on the dresser – but for now, this works just fine.

The whole thing just feels more adult and makes room for the bassinet, which is making it’s way back into our room in the coming weeks. After that’s gone, we’ve got plans for a large leaning mirror, some art on the walls, matching nightstands and ultimately an upholstered bench or chair. More to come on future inspiration for this room, but for now, I am in love with it.

With four items checked off the list, we’ve got 9 things left and 10 weeks to get it all done…..totally ahead of schedule 🙂 So what’s on tap next….

Organizing Storage Under the Steps
This is kind of the linchpin in getting the baby’s room cleaned up. We have friends coming at the end of the month with their 6-month old, so we’ve got ample motivation to get it done.

Cupcake Fabric Project
I really can’t wait to tackle this one and get it up in Luci’s room. I just need to get the remaining supplies and we will be in business.

Clean Out Bathroom Drawers and Cabinets
I’ve already been scouting out some drawer organizers to grab to make this organization a bit more permanent and will make our little bathroom drawers glow with organization.

More updates soon….





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