Sweet Dreams

I once read this article that Oprah arrived in Chicago with $200 to her name, signed a lease on an apartment and her first call was to an interior designer to help make her master bedroom into a “sanctuary”. According to Oprah, your bedroom should be your escape and should be designed as such. Well, maybe that works for Oprah, but after moving into Hillside Lane almost three years ago, we quickly created a priority list of projects and furniture to buy….our master bedroom was somewhere near the bottom. We always laughed that Luci (and soon Baby #2) had the nicest furniture in the house. Somehow babies trump matching bedroom furniture.

We’ve seen Hillside Lane change a lot over the past couple of months. The office was dismantled in lieu of the new nursery and we spent countless hours arranging and rearranging where all the displaced stuff might go (see here). Luci’s bedroom got a complete overhaul and is now perfect for our growing girl (see here & here). And with Baby #2 arriving soon, we needed some extra space in our bedroom for the bassinet and to allow for musical dressers (Luci got Andris’ old dresser, Andris borrowed the baby’s dresser and finally we got our own matching dresser).

While not at all a finished product, I walk into our bedroom these days and it feels a lot more like a sanctuary. Even with its bare walls and mismatched night stands, it is such a vast improvement from where we started that it feels like the sanctuary that Oprah believes we all deserve. I get excited to light a candle in there, hang out, watch TV, read a magazine….it feels more relaxing (on top of feeling WAY BIGGER).

Labeled Room



I’ve started to imagine what this space could be. Let’s be honest – it’s still a space on a budget, but I’ll defend IKEA furniture any day. Shortly after we moved in, I remember going to lots of different furniture stores looking for bedroom sets, but so many places have these huge, over-sized sets that would make our very modest bedroom feel very small. IKEA’s streamlined furniture was the perfect fit and even meets our penchant for clean lines and dark wood tones. We went with the Hemnes bed frame and dresser to anchor the room and now we can work on building around it.

Our nightstands are probably next on the list of things to get, but I just haven’t settled on what will be best for that space. After consolidating to one shared dresser, I’ll admit that a few extra drawers might be helpful. These Pinterest pics provide not only inspiration, but hope that the right solution is out there for us.


Nightstand Inspiration


Ikea Hack, Nightstand

I also think that breaking up all that dark wood could do wonders for the room. You’ll see in a moment that the new duvet that is on our wishlist is light blue. I’d love white, but am terrified of the implications of white + small children, so the light blue seemed like a safer choice. I feel like a slate blue/grey tone could really offset the night stands and provide some added dimension to the room.

Maybe something like Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams???

Sea Salt - Sherwin Williams

Or Benjamin Moore “Solitude”

Benjamin Moore - Solitude

There seem to be a lot of options in this grey/blue family….

Color Options

Now, if I am painting furniture, then there is no need to invest in anything new, so I am keeping my eyes peeled for any second hand gems that I find on Craigslist, yard sales or Goodwill.

It will be fun to see as this space develops and continue to add to this inspiration board to make this room really come to life. We’ve got many years to enjoy Hillside Lane, I look forward to creating a space we really love (even if it isn’t quite up to Oprah-standards).






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