It is hard to believe that Baby #2 will be here in six short weeks (just for the record, I’d be fine if he/she decided to come a week or so early…hint, hint, Baby). While it feels like a long time ago that we found out that our little family was growing, it also seems like April 13th is right around the corner. I keep chipping away at my 13 in 13 list. Our initial progress you can find HERE and since then, we’ve been able to check a few more off the list….

Organize Under the Steps

I would categorize this one under “it will do for now…”. Is it perfect? No. Is it functional? Yes. Were we able to get the additional bins of clothes, books, etc. under there in an organized fashion? Yes. So I guess that’s a win. There is still lots to be cleaned out, but Andris suggested that each time we go in there we bring one thing out that we know can be pitched or donated. That should be easy because looking around it is very obvious that there is still lots we don’t need. Slowly but surely, we’ll get there. Just this past Monday, our front step was filled with stuff to go to the Epilepsy Foundation, who was making a donation pick up – so I’ll count that as progress.

Cupcake Fabric Project

My in-laws were in town recently and they love projects, so my mother-in-law was excited at the prospect of breaking out the staple gun and finishing up the cupcake fabric project that had been waiting for me to get around to it for a few weeks now….and I’m happy to report that it turned out great. I knew I wanted something close to 15×15 canvases to wrap this fabric around, but I didn’t want to spend $15 a piece on them. I got lucky on a Facebook yard sale group and scored 4 of these tin wall art plaques that were the perfect size…and the perfect price, $10 all in. They had wood frames, so it was easy to just staple the fabric and batting in place. And when we alternated them with the frames, it filled the wall perfectly.





Clean Out Luci and Baby’s Dresser Drawers

Done and done and much more functional as well. Now we just get to wait and see if we are having a boy or a girl and fill those drawers with cute and cozy clothes.

Organize Small Toys

I’ll admit, this one was a little over the top OCD, but – in my defense – I think you can actually see what is in that basket now better than before. How can you enjoy what you have if you can’t even see it, right?!?! At least that is how I am rationalizing it. The good news is that at some point I’ll be fine with getting rid of some of those small toys and the bins I got (from 5-Below) will make great storage for any number of items….cars, Mr. Potato Head, small legos…so the extra storage definitely won’t go to waste (does it ever on Hillside Lane?!?!)

With those jobs done, we’ve got five things left on the list….

Clean Out & Organize Linen Closet
Clean Out & Organize Bathroom Drawers and Cabinets
Luci’s Baby Book
Paint Luci’s Dresser
Wash Bottles & Clothes

I’m feeling really good about where we are at and am looking forward to finishing off this list. We’ll be bringing baby home to Hillside Lane before we know it.





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