Making Room

It has been fun to see the progress of the nursery over the past month and the phrase, “It’s going to get worse before it gets better” definitely applied to this room. There were moments when I would look in there and felt as if we were never going to make progress. However, I am happy to report that if the baby arrived today, we’d be pretty ready.Here’s what our list looked like when we started:

  • Move in and arrange furniture
  • Clean out and organize all dresser drawers
  • Clean out closet
  • Add second shelf to the baby’s closet
  • Remove current wall decor
  • Organize clothes, diapers, onesies
  • Raise crib mattress for newborn
  • Remove bumpers
  • Add wood blinds to window (remove paper shade that has been there for TOO long)

I’m happy to report that everything on this list has been crossed off (just waiting to raise the mattress until after our friends and their adorable baby boy come for a visit). Clearly the Type A, planner in me does a little happy dance each time we are able to cross something off the list; but this one feels extra good because it means we are that much closer to meeting this new addition to our family. Here are a few snapshots of the room today – bare walls and all….



Baby is due a week before Easter, so I thought this guy needed a seat of honor


Testing out some boy decor options….Nashville posters and golf trash can



Without knowing if it is a girl or a boy, we are as ready as we are going to be for this little person to arrive. But clearly that hasn’t kept this girl from planning the possibilities. Here are a few ideas I have for the nursery for boy or girl…

If it is a boy, I think we will go with mostly blues and greens. I am actually building the room around two posters that we had up in our first apartment. They are from our first trip to Nashville and we just love them, but there hasn’t been a good spot for them since moving into Hillside Lane. I think they could be perfect for a baby boy.

With this room we would utilize a lot of things we have, including a giant antique map that we got while in Latvia this past summer and original black and white pictures of Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs that I gave Andris for his birthday the first year we were dating. From there I just want to add his name or initials above the crib and we will be all set. It isn’t a big room, so there’s not much beyond that and a navy fitted sheet for the bed.



If we are graced with another little girl, then we will build around the light pink themes that Luci’s nursery used. I think that a striped wall could add some pop to the room and whether boy or girl – I will definitely get their name above the crib…something that never fully materialized in Luci’s nursery; and to offset the pink some black and white pictures and maybe even a pop of fabric in some fun pillows.


Either way, I can hardly wait for this part of our family to arrive and all the chaos, laughter and love that he or she will bring to Hillside Lane.




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