8th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Party

It has been a horrendous winter. Worse than horrendous. I could actually think of a few descriptors that aren’t nearly as nice as horrendous, but equally fitting. But there’s nothing like bringing in Spring than with some Irish green. Despite being 9-months pregnant, there was no way I was putting our annual St. Patrick’s Day party on hold. The tradition must continue….


We started the day with Irish tunes and green sprinkled donuts for my favorite little leprechaun. She may have been as excited as I was for the day!



The theme this year was LOW MAINTENANCE and that it was. I ordered all the food from Rex Italian Foods (Italian food at an Irish party seems obvious, right?!?!). All the staples were there (including Sheila’s famous corned beef), the crowds were well fed and the beer was flowing (the non-green varietal this year…Andris finally won out and we skipped the green keg this year).



It was easy enough to add a few festive touches here and there to make Irish eyes smile.




And after 2013 was standing room only for some of the basketball games in the afternoon, we were able to leverage our new wireless cable to add some extra viewing upstairs.



I’m already thinking about next year’s celebration. A few additions that we’ll have to look into….

How fun would personalized paper coasters be with ‘Lizenbergs’ St. Paddy’s Day Party, Established 2006′ be? We could order a bunch and use them for many years to come!

St. Paddy's Day Coasters

With these parties becoming more and more kid friendly, I realized that the drinkware should also start to cater to the littlest of leprechauns.

Cups with StrawsLots of fun ideas to consider, but between now and then, we are looking forward to adding another little leprechaun to Hillside Lane. Alright, Baby L…we are ready for you any time now.




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