Well, we got close. And really we got all the important things checked off the 13 in 13 list….at least that is how I am rationalizing it. And a few other projects, that were lots more fun than cleaning out bathroom drawers, popped up and pulled rank. But I’m not too worried – the great thing with projects is that they are still there, just waiting on us to knock them out. So here’s a recap of where we started and where we ended with this list of 13 projects…and few others that were thrown in for good measure.

It all started here, when I needed something to make those last 13 weeks of pregnancy “fly” by, so I created a list of 13 projects I wanted to accomplish before Baby L arrived….13 in 13

We had a lot of a good progress early, putting up shelves in Luci’s room and the baby’s room, rearranging our master bedroom and adding a matching dresser….One, Two, Three, Four


The nesting continued with a few other smaller projects getting checked off the list, including the Cupcake Fabric project, which was such a fun DIY addition to Luci’s big girl room…#nesting


And then progress slowed considerably. With five things left on the to do list and about a month to go before baby, some of these projects seemed to slip to the proverbial “back burner”. There were a few small or half successes…

Luci’s Baby Book

This is mostly done. After having it finished once and it being erased from the Shutterfly website, I loaded up all the pictures once more and spent time arranging and rearranging them into her baby book. Looking back at all those memories and “firsts” was a total bright spot. It is hard to believe that the same baby girl who arrived with all that dark hair is now our bright-eyed almost three year old (and almost big sister). I need to go back and fill in some height and weight information at certain milestones and then we can officially cross this one off the list.

Wash Bottles & Clothes

This one was clearly a necessity and was a team effort while my mother in law was in town. It is never a chore to do laundry when….a) the smell of Dreft (or in this case – the Up&Up version of Dreft) fills the house & makes me think of all things baby and b) when the clothes are so tiny and cute. It was so fun to pull out the littlest of onesies and sleepers, baby blankets & burp clothes and wonder how Luci was ever that small and get them all clean and folded for this next little one.

My mother in law got elbow deep in some serious suds to clean out all the bottles and all the different parts (thanks, Dr. Brown) and then I did some rearranging of the drawer dedicated to all kids plates, cups, etc. to make room for the bottles. This rearrange ended up displacing some bibs, but thanks to a little Pinterest inspiration, we found them a happy new home.

Baby Prep II

Baby Prep

So what didn’t happen….

Clean Out Bathroom Drawers – oh well, it will be there post-baby as well

Clean Out Linen Closet – this one I want to do right, so I was okay waiting until I could dedicate some real time and few actual dollars to making this the best space possible

Paint Luci’s Dresser – I’m almost glad we didn’t get to this one. With the addition of the birch trees decal to Luci’s room (more on this in a moment) and it’s navy leaves and pink birds, I found myself looking at the dresser last night with a new set of eyes. I’m almost thinking that MORE pink and navy might be a little bit of overkill. So if not that, then what? White? Leave it just as it is? I’m just not sure…so in this case, I am grateful we didn’t rush to get this done.

There were a few fun projects that jumped the list in Luci’s room. More on these to come, but here’s a sneak peak…

Summer Joy

Luci Pink


Baby L will be arriving any day now. I don’t think we could be more excited. Looking forward to bringing him or her home to Hillside Lane.




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