Birch Tree Bliss

I have become a very nerdy blog reader and always marvel at these amazing room reveals that these DIY/designers feature after they have been working on projects. It seems that they go from inspiration to reveal very quickly. In my world, projects never seem to come together quite that fast. It is always “phased implementation”. Luci’s room is case and point. So let’s recap…

We started with the inspiration for her room here: Big Girl (Budget) Bedroom

Luci's Navy and Pink Room

Then the beds arrived: Big Girl…Big Sister


And we added a few DIY projects along the way: Luci’s Closet Update, One-Two-Three-Four & Cupcake Project, #Nesting


Each project gets us closer and closer to the original inspiration and project completion and this next one was a biggie. The wall over Luci’s headboards was a big, blank canvas that I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with. I toyed with the idea of framed pictures, but nothing seemed like it would be big enough to fill the space.

As a result, the wall stayed empty for quite a while. The search continued and  I began researching decals as a possible solution. While perusing decals on Etsy (seriously, Etsy is amazing) I found large birch tree decals. Not only were they the right size, but the trees had some extra special meaning as well. Birch trees are very common in Latvia and as a result have very special meaning in Latvian culture. Little did I know how close to home these birch trees would be. I sent the link to my mother-in-law to show her and she mentioned that this Etsy shop was located in LATVIA! What are the chances?! As a big sister gift to Lucija, my mother-in-law purchased the decal. It arrived in the coolest tube, with evidence of its Latvian heritage.


We couldn’t wait to put it up…..


DSC_0146  DSC_0147

Two hours later (and with big props to Dris, because, let’s be honest, at 9 months pregnant I wasn’t much help) it was done. We love it and so does Luci. She loves showing anyone who visits her “trees and leaves and birds” and I love that it is a little nod to her Latvian heritage. It totally warms up the room and provides such a focal point. We updated the pictures on Luci’s wall to bring in more of that dark pink that is accenting the room and all of a sudden the room was feeling a lot more complete.

Summer Joy

Luci Pink



There are still a few projects left on the list for this room….clearly the phased implementation approach continues.

  • Monogrammed pillow shams
  • Add ribbon border to the white lamp shade
  • Paint the little rocking chair that was recently introduced to the room – the same rocking chair Andris had growing up…Luci is excited to help with that project!
  • A few last organization solutions for books and such

While the final product is still not quite complete, we are loving Luci’s room just how it is today and all the special touches we have gotten to add along the way.




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