If you had asked me what I imagined my baby boy’s nursery to look like, I think I likely would have included some combination of stripes, whales, stars and sailboats. Henriks’ nursery has none of these things, but I think I love it even more than what I thought I always wanted.

Without knowing if we were having a boy or a girl, there wasn’t much we could do prior to the baby’s arrival, other than getting the new nursery set up. But, as mentioned here, I did have some initial ideas for the nursery. Those ideas pieced together a number of things that we already had to create a nursery we have fallen in love with….or maybe that’s just reflected glow from the little guy who sleeps there.

Here was our initial inspiration….. Baby Boy InspirationLet’s start with his crib. We used the same nursery furniture that we had purchased for Luci and that I still couldn’t be more thrilled with. I looked at lots of bedding options for this baby boy, but ended up with a very simple color scheme of navy and white. Target’s Circo brand was the winner, earning high marks for both price and color. It was a perfect shade of navy for the room – not too dark that it gets lost on the dark crib, but bright enough that you know it is blue and contrasts well with the grey walls and white crib skirt.



I chose navy bedding to bring in the colors from these two posters that we got on our first trip to Nashville. Ahh, Nashville, what a fantastic city – I can’t wait to get back. We had these posters custom framed and they were great additions to our Bucktown apartment, but there was never a great spot for them on Hillside Lane – at least not until Henriks arrived. Not only does the color scheme work for a little boys room, but it also pays tribute to our love of both Nashville and country/Americana music.


One of my favorite gifts that I ever got for Andris were these prints that I found in an antique shop on Belmont Ave. They were made from the original negatives of the pictures and show old time Chicago Cubs players and planting the ivy at Wrigley Field. These, too, graced the walls of our first apartment together, but didn’t quite fit once we moved onto Hillside Lane. The frames they were in broke during the move, but I was able to use these dark brown frames that matched the nursery furniture to frame up these throwbacks (I used these frames for this photo project as well). Andris and I are both die-hard Cubs fans and I love that we our passing our eternally optimistic love for the Cubbies onto our kids.


The map project was a fun DIY addition to the room…just don’t look too carefully at the edges. Clearly my DIYing still needs some fine tuning. I found a tutorial on Pinterest and it seemed to indicate that this project was no sweat. Let me assure you, there was plenty of sweat after the adhesive was down and we were trying to align the map with the foam board. We picked up this reprint of an antique map when we were in Latvia in 2013. After getting it home and realizing just how big it was, there wasn’t really a space big enough to hang it; but now it has a special spot to hang as a reminder of both Henriks’ Latvian heritage and such a special trip in our lives.

DSC_0951 DSC_0955

The golf flags might be my favorite part of the room. Golf is a big part of life on Hillside Lane. Andris’ passion for the sport spills over to all of us. We used IKEA’s DIGINET wire to hang these flags. The flags are each from courses Andris has visited or played. It’s like a little bit of history hanging on the wall. A special addition was the 2014 Masters flag that Andris’ dad picked up for Henriks’, who was born Wednesday of Masters Week (he even came home in his Masters green!).

DSC_0948 DSC_0937 10271477_10152434173047160_4184159423015797259_n

We added Henriks’ initials above the window in his room – a great placement idea by Andris and confirmed by my dad. I hadn’t even considered putting them up there, but now that they are there, I totally love it (and it didn’t require any nails or leveling!)


We’ve gotten some incredibly sweet gifts for Henrik that also dot his room and personalize this space for our guy.

DSC_0958 DSC_0957 DSC_0964 DSC_0945

I spend a lot of time in this room, usually in the wee hours of the morning, feeding Henrik and rocking him for an extra minute or two, just to sneak in some snuggles. Even in the darkness, I just love each piece of this no-rhyme-or-reason decor. Maybe it’s because each piece seems to have a bit of history or possibly because it makes me wonder what his favorite things will be as he grows up. For the time being, we hope his room inspires sweet dreams.





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