Sticky and Sweet – Luci’s 3rd Birthday

By all definitions, this was a sticky affair. Luci’s s’mores 3rd birthday party was the perfect backyard event to celebrate our girl – despite off the charts humidity. Even though a s’mores party wasn’t my original idea for Luci’s big day, it did end up being the best one. It was simple and fun and filled with lots of treats – a clear win on Luci’s barometer for any party.

My love affair with Etsy continued when I found this invitation perfect for the event. Luci's 3rd Birthday Invite

Luci loves pink, so when planning for the party, I knew she would love some pops of pink…balloons, plates, bowls. I’m all about a good color scheme, so I went with a chocolate brown, pink and orange. I lucked out by scoring a huge Michael’s clearance sale, where I was able to pick up some fun decor on the (obscenely) cheap.

10606407_10152738918687160_5057644232529215657_n 10542020_10152738917782160_1151962610121318085_n 10600403_10152738917232160_1846281535922626424_n 10646659_10152738917867160_2279433173322837619_n

I tried my hand at baking again this year – I don’t think I ever ate one, but then again, Luci probably ate enough of the cupcakes for both of us. Thanks, Pinterest, for the s’mores cupcake adaptation.

10616526_10152738916447160_6268233467714262021_n 10636140_10152738916377160_7692988065561959937_n

I could hardly believe it when I found a s’more t-shirt on the clearance rack at Target! 

The main event was the s’mores, of course – with both kids and adults getting in on the action. I think the last thing we needed that night was a fire to heat up the patio even further – but everyone was a good sport about it and the s’mores hit the spot on a hot summer night.



We sent everyone home with a little s’more love. It was the perfect end to such a fun celebration.


I can hardly believe our Luci is 3 years old. She will tell you that 3 is her number 🙂 We are so lucky to watch this fun little girl grow and change and learn. She’s now onto pre-school and seems to be getting older by the moment. Someone once told me (while I was trying to feed Henrik at the park and chase my toddler), “The days are long, but the years are short”. I am realizing just how right they are. It may seem silly to document these birthdays in such a way on this blog; but as these years seem to go by faster and faster – I like to think we will be able to look back on these cherished memories in a special way.

Lucija, happy 3rd birthday. Mes tevi milam and we couldn’t be prouder of you. Looking forward to a lifetime more of looking at this silly smile….






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