Fall Blessings

I am kind of a nerd about baptisms. I think they are just so special. They are so simple, but layered with meaning, tradition and symbols. It just seems like the sweetest of celebrations for these little blessings in our lives.


We celebrated at St. Joan of Arc Church, which has become such an important part of our lives. In St. Joan’s we have found a community and parish that feels like a true fit. I love having these special milestones there because with each celebration St. Joan’s becomes a piece of our story.


Henrik wore my grandfather’s baptismal gown, which is 97 years old this year. It is the same one that so many of the grandchildren and great grandchildren have been baptized in and such a special tradition to be a part of. The ceremony was small and intimate and it meant so much to have family and his godparents there to share in our joy.

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Waiting almost six months for this baptism was a good idea. I remember that at Luci’s baptism I was a hot mess – Luci was not quite three months old and I was still nursing/hormonal/exhausted. I even broke down in tears when all our family sang “Daudz Baltu Dienu”, the traditional Latvian celebration song. Yikes. Clearly this was not a normal reaction to such a sweet sentiment.This time around I feel like we are a bit more settled and with such a sweet blessing to celebrate, I couldn’t have asked for more.

The air was already crisp with fall by the early October weekend, so we combined baby boy blue with lots of pops of fall colors, pumpkins, flowers and warm candles.

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As with any good party, I found myself eating all day long. My aunt, Karen, made all the incredible appetizers, followed by sandwiches and salads. We were so grateful to so many people who pitched in to bring things and no one went home hungry.


I skipped cake this time and had a wonderful family friend make cookies instead. She is the MOST incredible baker and cake designer – for anyone beyond my mom that reads this blog, you have to check her out at Melodia Cakes & Treats. I have been looking for an excuse to have her make sweets for an event and was so excited with the results.

10615389_10152842383932160_8953414993797943358_n 10451711_10152842383957160_8309496407970532193_n

It was a very special day, filled with special people – most importantly, our Henriks. I can hardly believe that six months have come and gone already. Henrik is an absolute light in our lives every single day. He is endlessly happy and his smile and laugh are infectious.

Henriks Peter, may your faith be your strength, your guide and your refuge; and while this day was about blessing you, know that you have forever blessed our family.





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