Gallery Wall

Luci’s first year in pre-school has been nothing short of wonderful. It is obvious how much she loves it and all the projects, songs and activities they get to do. It is all her favorite things wrapped up into 2.5 hours three times a week. It has been so fun to see the changes it is inspiring in her as well…just small things like new songs she is singing, her discussion of the books they read or prayers she wants to say around the dinner table. And the art – paintings, projects, drawings. It is wonderful…and never ending. I love hearing about what each painting is…”a monster and a polar bear (an obvious combination)” or “an orange mountain” or “mama, papa, me and henrik…oh, I need to add eyes (to the large color swatches on the page)

My cousin, Tobey, warned me about it. She recommended that I get a large portfolio from Michael’s to stash it all away, to be gone through and “prioritized” at a later date. I quickly realized what she was talking about. A makeshift “file” has been made in Luci’s closet and our fridge only has so much room, but she gets so proud when we put up her latest creation that it required a designated space.

Pinterest has a million different ways to feature kids’ artwork and we have this little nook in our family room that I thought would work well to try and recreate some of that inspiration. Here’s where the ideas started…

Kids Gallery

via Pinterest

Gallery Example

 via Pinterest

I had seen these kind of ornate looking wooden frames at Michael’s that were thin and light and would work well for this kind of ever-changing gallery, but they were $20+ a frame and I needed a few, so it kept getting pushed off. When I was out shopping for Luci’s 3rd birthday party, I found these exact frames hanging crooked from a random shelf in the clearance aisle. They were $1.97. I was sold. As the art projects continued to pour in from pre-school and with cold-weather looming, I finally got the paint and made the time to tackle this project.

First of all, I never should have waited so long, because the project was way easier than I expected. Secondly, no one should have ever let me try out a spray painting project. It went so well and was so easy that I am already looking for the next thing I can spray paint. I think that is one of the biggest benefits of Pinterest. It gives non-DIYers, like myself, the confidence to give projects like this a shot. It makes things seem possible.

I tried to pull out some of the colors that are in our striped pillows in our family room. Those pillows continue to set the palette for the room – bringing some bright, fun colors into a very family-friendly space.


Luci and I went on a date to Home Depot where we grabbed three cans of spray paint and with a beautiful October day – the rest was easy.


My very qualified spray paint can shaker




I added coordinating clothes pins to hold the art and am just thrilled with the results….so is our little artist!






It is such an odd little space in the nook leading to our crawl space, that now I am thinking it would be great to add a framed up magnetic chalkboard beneath the frames. I am thinking something like the pics below, but just a bit smaller.


 via Pinterest

Chalkboard Wall

via Pinterest

I may need a January project and this could be just the fit. In the meantime, I love when Luci deems one of her projects “gallery” worthy. I am looking forward to many years of projects on this wall from both Lucija and Henriks.





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