Picture Pop

I said it here, but seriously, no one should have allowed me to try my hand at spray painting. Now I’ve got the bug. It is probably a good thing that winter is here and it is too cold to do much until spring, because seriously, I look at everything in my house these days with the question…”Could I spray paint that?”. Kidding…kind of.

This project had actually been on my mind for a while. Luci’s room is more or less finished. I’d still love to add a bookshelf to the foot of her bed, add some monogrammed sham pillows, spray paint the rocking chair (see…I told you!), but generally speaking it feels pretty finished. That being said, there isn’t really any space in her room for photographs. Obviously, I want her space to be about all the things she loves…and that includes the people she loves too. It just makes the space feel personal. I saw this picture on Pinterest and thought it was such a good idea…


Check it out here

With my new found passion for spray painting 😉 and an old frame that we salvaged when going through storage I thought I would give it a shot. I felt like I was totally prepared for this project – frame, spray paint, sheet metal, fabric, magnets. I was super motivated to knock this out on a lazy Sunday. Everything started out well…

Luci is getting good at spray paint shaking! 

Picture Board Progress Square

I was testing the fabric on the sheet metal and thought, “Let’s see what the magnets would look like…”. They didn’t stick. My first inclination was that the magnets must be broken…clearly not logical, but neither was the fact that “sheet metal” was not magnetic. Well, the magnets work perfectly fine. Apparently the metal I chose either has an aluminum component or is stainless or something – because it didn’t work. There is nothing more disappointing than a hard stop to a project you were hoping to finish and hang THAT DAY….#fail

2 months later… 😦

Fast forward to Round 2 and two months later when I finally got around to it again. Andris totally saved the day and got me a custom cut piece of steel (definitely magnetic) from the shop at his work. I was glad we didn’t have to buy more metal – these DIY things aren’t supposed to be expensive! But note to self – always test these things before you cut a big piece out. Andris didn’t like these small magnets with little kids around – so I found some bright buttons and hot glued them to the magnets to make them less scary. Good call, Dris. We wrapped the frame with the bright pink fabric, hung it up and voila!





Despite the learning curve on this project – I love how it turned out and am excited for Luci to fill it up with lots of happy memories.





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