Resolutions, 2015

Well, I should probably start my resolutions with being a bit more timely with blog posts. This post was started and really mostly finished quite a while ago. I just never got back to it. Oops.

Oh well. Happy New Year…er Happy Mid February…from Hillside Lane! As per usual (and much to Andris’ dismay), the Christmas decorations came down, the tree moved out to the curb (slightly traumatic for Luci) and our house felt twice as big soon after Santa’s visit. We were fresh and clean and ready to ring in 2015.


I’ve decided that I am really into the New Year (good news – even though this was written a while ago :-/…still feeling excited about the new year!). I am feeling really…motivated. refreshed, energized, optimistic. It’s super cliche, but this year, more than in recent memory, the new start is really resonating with me. This past year was an amazing one for so many reasons (a certain 9-month old – wait by the time this is now published he is 10 months old – definitely tops the list) and we accomplished so much on Hillside Lane. I looked back at my Resolutions, 2014 post from last year and couldn’t believe all the progress.

2014 in Review
Family Room

  • Travel Map (DIY) – the spot is there, just waiting for this one to be done. I did a similar project for our adorable godson – I am currently just being picky about the frame – but a definite 2015 possibility. 
  • Grab Your Oars – I continue to go back and forth re: oars in our family room. I still love them, but it’s a definite….”we’ll see”. 

Living Room

  • Window Cornice (DIY) – I know this is on my in-laws list of projects. I always tell them there is no rush – but excited to eventually help with this project. 
  • Year of the Boxwood – December 2014….this one was a total surprise, but my mother-in-law knew I had my eyes peeled for small boxwood topiaries. I am so, so excited with this addition.DSC_0685 DSC_0689 DSC_0691
  • Dining Room Lamp – July 2014…YES! It’s here and I still gaze at it from time to time with fond adoration. It makes that corner of the room much more finished. And me much happier.


  • Master Bedroom – February 2014…we are still on Phase 1 of this room, but it is a big step forward from where it was. More to come in 2015.
  • Luci’s Bedroom – March 2014…birch trees, cupcakes, closet shelves and picture frames – Luci’s room made some big strides in 2014.
  • Nursery – April 2014…this room is feeling pretty perfect for our favorite little guy.

Backyard & Garage

  • Grass & Landscaping – Summer 2014….HYDRANGEAS!
  • Garage Door – Sorry Dris! Despite ardent promises, this hasn’t happened, but I bet I can make it up to him if we can figure out how to get his golf simulator in the garage for the winter.

We were also able to add the new plum Souzani-inspired pillows that I had been coveting from Target, a living room basket for some texture, a big living room lantern that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and a DIY art gallery for my little artists. We’ve been on Hillside Lane for almost four years and each year we see our story here unfold a little bit more and 2014 was no exception.

I began thinking about what I was hoping for out of 2015. With all the excitement and optimism that has come with this new year, so has a feeling of contentedness. Typically I have to limit my list to three things per level/per room/per whatever. Said another way – I get pretty ambitious about what I want to get accomplished. This year, the list is a little bit smaller, a little bit simpler.

2015 Hillside Lane Resolutions

Master Bedroom – I’d love to make our bedroom a bit of a priority this year. While it is much better than it was, there is still lots to be done. I’d love it to feel a little more adult – things like a leaning mirror, matching nightstands, pictures on the wall, maybe even an upholstered bench.

Doors of Latvia – When we were in Latvia in 2013 we tried to capture some little details that we could share in our home. We want to feature a few of these leading upstairs. It would not only warm up that wall, but will also be a reminder of such a wonderful stop on our family map.

TV Stand – this one is new, but is quickly moving up the wish list as the TV stand that we currently have continues to fall apart. We had gotten it when we moved into our first apartment. I still like it, but the drawer is now hanging from two precarious nails and Henrik’s favorite thing is to try and knock it off.

Garage Door – I promise. I promise. I promise.

Entry Way Table – I think I have this one already picked out. It’s a very small space that could serve a very big need – as the collector of keys and mail and notes…pretty much all those things that end up on my dining room table at the end of the day.

Entry Way Table

Yard – I know the yard will always be on my list of resolutions for the house. It is like our second family room in the summers, so every moment invested is time well spent. I am hoping to see our little hydrangeas grow stronger and our grass grow thicker. I have plans to do some rearranging of our perennials and some splitting and transplanting to continue to fill in the backyard and maybe even a flower box or two. But the thing I am most excited for is a raised garden box where we can grow herbs and vegetables. Luci and I already like to plan what we’ll grow – bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and carrots, all per Luci’s request.

The Year of Decluttering – I don’t know how it is possible for one family to accumulate so much stuff. In a recent effort to kick of this Year of Decluttering, we cleaned out our closet. Five bags of stuff later, we were on our way to the nearest Goodwill to make a hefty donation. I’d love to see every corner of the house (including under the steps) cleared out of all our unnecessary/never-ending stuff.

A Dash of DIY – there are a few DIY projects already on the list…painting the rocking chair in Luci’s room, adding a frame to the large standing mirror for our bedroom, hacking some IKEA nightstands for our bedroom, and maybe even that travel map that I had on my 2014 list. These projects seem to feed the soul in some unusual way and put our little signature mark on this chapter of Hillside Lane.

We were blessed beyond measure in 2014. I know 2015 will have some amazing things in store for us. I can’t wait to experience it all with the people I love the most in this place we love the most…Hillside Lane.





  1. Great post! You have inspired me to continuing working on our master bedroom today. It’s time for paint and to update our photos. On my “thinking big” wish list… A fireplace. Maybe someday!

    • Love the idea of a “thinking big wish list”…maybe a framework for a future post. I’ve got LOTS on my wishlist. Now only if my budget would catch up 😉 Hopefully we can see you guys next time we are in town!

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