For the Love of a…MUDROOM

When we moved into Hillside Lane I learned something about houses built in the 1950s. Foyers or entryways weren’t really a thing back then. Or at the very least, it was pretty trendy to walk right into the living portion of the house. Well, I can tell you with 100% certainty that this concept was a little short-sighted.

The result of this style of house is this…

Bags, mail, coats and more all end up piling on the dining room table at the end of the day.

DSC_0673 DSC_0675

During these winter months the snow, salt and wet are wreaking havoc on my floors – 😦


Shoes seem to multiply and fill the space just to the left of our door.
We “endearingly” refer to these as shoe parties and don’t hesitate to call out the biggest offenders.


Yes, I have a small entry way table on my list of must-haves for 2015, but honestly that is like trying to catch the water from Niagara Falls in a sand bucket…okay, that’s slightly dramatic, but you get the idea. It’s a start and it will definitely help, but the answer is bigger than than a Target accent table. The answer (cue magical music)…is a mudroom. A glorious, out of sight, tiled with a coat closet mudroom. It is the stuff dreams are made of.

Luckily, there is a solution – even if it is still a couple of years down the road. The garage on our little house is a one and a half car garage…wait for it…in length. Again, another odd choice, but currently that extra half length acts as some extra storage for all those extras in our lives – toliet paper, paper towels, tupperware, etc., etc., etc. Many of our neighbors have taken that extra length and made it into a mudroom. And that’s our plan too.

It’s funny. Sometimes Dris and I discuss what are necessities vs. nice-to-haves on Hillside Lane.

A second full bath…definitely would be NICE to have, but we can survive with it just being a 1/2 bath.

A bigger kitchen…getting closer to that MUST HAVE list, but in all honesty – while it may be tight, we could probably make it work.

But a mudroom makes the NECESSITY list. With two kids, backpacks, shoes, coats, keys, mail, work bags, etc. – a mudroom becomes a must. So our goal has always been that before Luci starts Kindergarten we would have a mudroom. We’ve even gone as far as to get some initial estimates so we know what we are working with.

I don’t need anything fancy. Our plans consist of a closet/armoire for coats, some hooks for backpacks and coats, a spot for shoes, boots or whatever the season demands and probably a small built-in bench. We plan to move our washer and dryer from the basement up to the mudroom (which will not only make the downstairs a little quieter, but may open up the possibility of making that half bath a full bath some day), which won’t leave lots of room, but it will be such a significant improvement that any amount of space will feel like a little corner of Heaven (again…with the dramatics).

Here’s a little bit of inspiration to warm my heart on this terribly cold February Friday…and a good reminder to save my pennies so we can make this a realty sooner than later!

Yes to the stripes (obvi) and yes to the French door.

Mudroom Inspiration - Stripes Mudroom Inspiration - Hooks

Clearly it won’t be this big, but I can’t resist lanterns and boxwoods – so what the heck…inspire away!

Mudroom Inspiration - WHITE

Those shoes…hidden…so no one can trip on them. Yes, please.

Mudroom Inspiration - A Spot for Shoes




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