Masters Touch

Masters Week is a big event on Hillside Lane. There is always a countdown. The DVR is cleared out so that we can record all the coverage. The theme music for the Masters is played…often on repeat. Masters Week pretty much holds holiday status….and accordingly, my husband is giddy like a kid on Christmas morning.

But for those 11 months before the Masters comes around again, we added a little vintage Augusta to our family room.


 The space next to the TV remained empty for a long time. I had thought I wanted a map here with all the places we have been lucky enough to visit. I could never find frame and map that seemed to fit the space. Probably for the best. That map will eventually find a home, but I think this little nod to the Masters is the perfect fit.

DSC_0426 DSC_0425

It plays off the vintage tennis rackets, bocce balls and Hilton Head golf flag that also dot the room.

DSC_0431 DSC_0433

Andris thinks the addition of the poster throws the wall a bit of balance. The 5×7 frame and lamp on the other side don’t really hold their own the same way. I suggested that maybe that is where I could put the oars I have wanted to find a place for – it might also help it feel a little less “sports theme” and little more “East Coast prep” 😉 I usually get an eye roll when I bring up the oars. But seriously…a little nautical never hurt anyone 😉 Regardless, the poster feels right at home on Hillside Lane.





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