Background Music

On HIllside Lane, we love music. It fills our mornings and our evenings. It is the backdrop to our meals, our playtime and even the occasional dance party. So It seemed so fitting when my musician brother arranged to give Andris a guitar for his 34th birthday. It was such a sweet and unexpected gift and Andris was thrilled to fufill on his lifelong dream to learn how to play.

IMG_20150421_201632 IMG_20150421_201951

Then came the practical points: how to keep little fingers off of this new beautiful (and expensive) guitar. The kids have their own little guitar that Santa had brought last Christmas. It could be easy to mistake the two and all of a sudden we have banging and plucking and dragging it around to bounce off the base boards. So we came up with a solution that is not only functional but pretty.

DSC_0632 DSC_0630 DSC_0638 DSC_0625

We’ve been working on a grown up version of our bedroom for the past few years (see One -Two-Three-Four and Sweet Dreams) and this feels like a perfect addition. It is a cool spot for a really special gift.




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