Growing up, we went on an annual pilgrimage to the New Jersey shore for a week with my grandmother, Doodie, aunts, uncles and cousins. Sometimes we flew. Often we drove. And those summer days were magic. They were mornings on the porch with donuts and crumb buns and rolls. They were long beach days, filled with sand castles, wave jumping and sandwiches on the sand. They were nights on the Boardwalk with funnel cakes and carousels and coming home with a box of salt water taffy.

Standing on the beach in Bay Harbor I find that same sense of magic. It is that sense of mornings on the porch with coffee, slow summer days, special moments that make special memories, evening swims, sunsets and s’mores. It’s magic. Our second annual trip to Bay Harbor was every type of wonderful…and we can’t wait to get back.

20150813_173151 20150813_153645

Henriks – always with the feats of strength.


The Lynnie Sauce made it’s first appearance this year. Next year we may even be so lucky as to have my Aunt Lynn there to provide her magic touch.


Farmers Market Friday for some fresh fruits and veggies for the weekend.

20150814_104638 20150814_140056-1

Evening adventures.

20150814_194031 20150814_194916 20150814_195542 20150814_195939 20150814_200931

Discovering bubble baths.


Beach days.
IMG_20150815_153321 IMG_03681 20150815_125101

Golfing buddies.

IMG_20150816_092332 IMG_20150816_110717

And lots and lots of family.

20150814_144116 20150814_14275020150814_142206

DSC_0963 DSC_0969 DSC_1002 DSC_1036 DSC_1060Until next year, Bay Harbor….

DSC_1067 DSC_0973




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  1. Love this Annie! It’s so wonderful to establish some traditions. Your children will always treasure those memories as will you! Love, Aunt Becky

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