Our Luck with Trees

We’ve been on Hillside Lane for 4.5 years and we’ve seem to run into a string of bad luck when it comes to trees. When we moved in we inherited what felt like a forest of “weed trees” – trees that were nothing more than a large weed and needed to be removed if we had any hope of growing grass. It looked a bit like this….

OMG – our yard used to look like THIS! 

IMG_0351 IMG_0348

We had a crew come out to take out these trees shortly after moving in. This resulted in what we will likely forever remember as “The Retaining Wall Incident”. Details aren’t really necessary – although if you asked, I would give you my full version of the story – but it resulted in a new retaining wall to hold up our neighbors yard who border us from behind.

That’s all water under the bridge and the backyard has progressed quite a bit since then – even the retaining wall looks good behind our growing Hydrangea Row 🙂


Then last Thursday, Andris and I were at the Billy Joel concert at Wrigley Field (which was an absolutely fantastic, check-it-off-the-bucket-list kind of night). Around 9:30pm we received a text that a branch had fallen in our backyard and knocked out the power. I immediately knew the culprit – our neighbor’s (different neighbor than the retaining wall crew) tree with some significant overgrowth into our yard. We had gotten some initial quotes to get it all trimmed back – but we just hadn’t pulled the trigger.

We arrived home to a dark house and this in the backyard. These pictures don’t even do a great job of showing how big this branch was – when I say branch, think half a tree.
20150828_07393820150828_074132 20150828_074304

We had the most wonderful guys come out and remove the large branch, that was still dangling from our neighbor’s tree, along with some other ominous branches and generally just clean up the property line. Again, details probably aren’t necessary, but if you asked me – I’m happy to fill in any details on what we will henceforth refer to as “The Neighbor’s Tree Fell in Our Yard Incident”.


Andris and I may be the only ones that really notice what feels like a huge improvement on that side of the yard. The removal of the branches made the entire yard so much brighter. And the guys left us with some of the pretty mulch for a few spots in the yard – a great lead into Spring 2016, which I have already dubbed “The Year of Mulch”. More to come 😉




20150831_145859 20150831_150056

Here’s to better luck with trees!



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