Thankful Days

Finally catching up on all things Hillside Lane….please pardon the flashback to fall 🙂 

I had big plans this fall to knock out lots of projects and some serious organizing (closets, I am looking at you), but life/work/kids seemed to get the best of me and none of it really came to fruition.

Regardless of the state of the to-do list, fall is always my favorite season and this one didn’t disappoint. It was filled with pumpkins, fleece jackets, bright fall flowers and lots of family.

Fall on Hillside Lane

In terms of what we did accomplish this fall…

It started off strong when we hung the window frames and added our fall wreath. You can read more about that here.


We did make a trip to Michigan to visit my favorite nursery (oh, and my favorite in-laws!) and to see if we could score some mums and some perennials that could fill in our front beds come spring. We came up the big winner on this, finding 3 potentilla bushes for $5/each (the price tag originally said $30). Andris’ sweet grandmother joined me and the kids on this endeavor and was very concerned that the bushes looked especially DEAD. The sales lady assured me that they were just dormant and would come back in the spring. She mentioned that they were difficult to kill, which is also a win for me. We originally saw these bushes and their happy yellow flowers in Bay Harbor a couple of years ago. I think they will fill the spot well, provide some good color – and down the line, when we are able to paint the house, the yellow will pop perfectly against the blue/grey siding.


We rounded out November with an unexpected improvement. Henriks and I were pacing around Home Depot, waiting for his big sister to finish building her bank at the Kids’ Workshop, when I found myself in the outdoor lighting aisle. I began looking at the lamp post light replacement options. I vaguely remember ours working when we first moved in, almost five years ago. But for at least the past four and a half years, it hasn’t worked. I tried new bulbs, with no luck (that is the extent of my electrical DIYness). A helpful Home Depot employee walked me through the options – and mentioned a solar/LED option that required nothing more than replacing the old head with the new and capping off the wires. Sold. It felt like an instant upgrade.




I laughed when I saw these two pictures side by side. The first one looks so dreary! The two were probably taken about 25 minutes apart, but clearly the sun came out in the meantime. It seems that the new lamp post brightened up the entire day 🙂 Come spring, we’ll have to add a small bed around the base of it and some flowers to make it really pop.

Even though this fall didn’t shape up to be as productive as I had planned, it was still everything I could have hoped for. We had beautiful weather well into November that allowed us to get outside to soak up the season; we were able to celebrate with family and friends on so many big and small occasions. We have our health, our home and each other. On Hillside Lane, we are blessed beyond measure and grateful beyond words. So thankful for these fall days that remind us just how lucky we are.




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