The Christmas Blanket

My kids first gift from Santa is always their Christmas blanket. It was meant as a tradition that they would look forward to no matter if they are 3, 13 or 30….a warm cozy blanket that comes out every year for the Christmas season. Below is the little poem that I wrote to go along with the Christmas blanket tradition. Looking forward to lots of cozy moments this Christmas season.

The Christmas Blanket

Santa’s first gift is always a special one
It’s meant to come out every Christmas season
Some are plaid, others green or even jolly red
They may live on a chair, on the couch or even just your bed
This blanket is forever meant to be
A reminder of Christmas, of faith and of family

The Christmas Blanket is meant to keep you warm
To bundle you up during a cold winter storm
Or maybe you’ll use it to wrap you all up
Reading a book with your hot chocolate cup
It’s meant to be snuggled in by the fire’s light
To keep you warm on a cold winter night
And on Christmas morning, over presents and laughter
Curl up to make memories that will live on long after

 Remember that Christmas is about faith, family and love
And an incredible gift from Heaven above
May the road home to Hillside Lane never be far
And may the Christmas Blanket keep you warm wherever you are.






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