Resolutions, 2016

I am not quite sure where all of 2015 went already (or the first month of 2016, for that matter). It feels like it should be about September. But here we are – at that fresh place where life seems to begin again at the start of the year. As always, I kind of embrace this post-Christmas refresh. After a wonderful, but always hectic, holiday season, the New Year always feels perfectly timed. There is so much to look forward to in 2016, but first – let’s look back at how we did on 2015’s Resolutions:

Resolution Recap, 2015

Master Bedroom – Let’s say Phase 1 is done – new bedding, new painted nightstands, frames on the walls (don’t mind the fact that they aren’t filled), and a new bench at the end of the bed. It isn’t finished, but it is feeling like it is well on its way. (Slow is the New Fast)

Doors of Latvia…er Latvian Memories– Well, this one changed a little. The original plan was to frame some pictures of doors that we found around Latvia. I did hang some pictures of our trip to Latvia on the way up our stairs, but I opted for the church my sister-in-law and her groom were married in and the wooded lane that led to it. I talked about it here, but those spots just held some very special magic. They are a beautiful reminder of a very special trip.


TV Stand – Dris gets major props on this one. We have plans of building a TV stand that fits the space, but hadn’t gotten around to it before the weather got cold. Andris came upon a FREE Crate and Barrel TV stand on a local yard sale site that totally fit the bill and improved the space immensely. These aren’t pretty pictures of the new TV stand, but let’s be honest – this is real life with our 22 month old…


Garage Door – Don’t ask. #wifefail #nextyear

Entry Way Table – With a gift card in hand, Henriks and I were on a mission to make this entry way table happen while Luci was at swim lessons with her papa. We came upon a perfect addition and was even able to stretch the gift card enough to add a basket for shoes. Dris may or may not hate the basket of shoes, but after almost five years and four more little feet running around, I could no longer handle shoes strewn across the floor. I like to think of it as a temporary solution between now and a mudroom, but at the very least – it makes walking in the door a whole lot prettier.


Yard – The grass continued to grow. The hydrangeas got bigger. There was some transplanting and we had a huge tree fall in our yard, which required a massive cleanup of the fence line. Still so much to do, but small steps again this year. Every year it gets farther and farther away from this…


The Year of Decluttering – This one was so-so achieved. I did clean out of our master closet at the beginning of the year. It probably could use it again at this point. We did an overhaul on the linen closet and added some much needed storage. I even read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – & would highly recommend it. But despite all these best efforts, the list of areas to declutter still remains long. I need to get back to my #konmari ways and sort through all those things that don’t spark joy. #maybeishouldrereadthebook

A Dash of DIY – A chalk table, painted dressers and the newly updated linen closet storage…2015 wasn’t without its projects.

All in all, it was a great and productive year. Our story on Hillside Lane grows richer with each project, party and sweet memory we get to share in this most special place to us.

Now onto 2016.

What a year it will be! Most importantly our little family of four will become a family of five in June. Our hearts our bursting with love and anticipation for this little one to arrive. And the to-do list grew significantly for the first half of the year as a result. But we could not be more excited or feel more blessed to share our days on Hillside Lane with Lucija, Henriks and Baby3.

10552378_10153885566647160_8858625762293657253_n (1)

The Great Bedroom Switch of 2016 – With baby arriving in June, Luci and Henrik will share a room for a while. It will eventually become the girls’ room or the boys’ room. We’ll find out in a little over five months. In the meantime, we’ve got to get the room and closet ready to be shared. Henriks is already switched to a big boy bed – so his little nursery is currently a jungle of furniture. Once he’s got the whole bed thing mastered we’ll switch him over to his new bedroom in time to make it through that transition before baby arrives.

Nursery – I read that by the time Baby #3 arrives, you throw a box of diapers in a room and declare the nursery complete. It made me chuckle. I don’t know what we’ll do to this room once the baby arrives, but I’d like to give him or her a little nursery love and a slight refresh to the room to make it their own.

Master Bedroom – Let’s h0pe it’s the year that the Master Bedroom project is complete. A few last projects or additions on the list – a stencil for the back wall (already purchased and ready for some DIY love), some art for the frame that has been hanging with a sideways skyline in our room for at least a year, new closet doors, some pillows to brighten the place up and a leaning mirror for the wall.

Wooden Valance – We’d love to add a wooden valance over the large window on the dining room side of the main floor. I know it would provide some great dimension and a very finishing touch in that open room that will help better tie it to the living room. There are plenty of online tutorials and I know we could knock this out pre-baby (wink, wink…Dris)

Yard – More small steps planned for the yard – including adding a few evergreen trees (to hide the power box that was added to the yard by ComEd), the last hydrangeas to finish off Hydrangea Row, a raised garden bed and a window box for the front of the house.

Stretch Goal: New Flooring for the Family Room – We’ve talked about this before (see here), but it would be great if we could re-do the floor to our family room this year. With our young family our downstairs is a high traffic area that just isn’t cut out for carpeting. This is a bigger ticket item, but I can only imagine the instant impact a change like this would make.

These years go by so fast, but I hope we can savor this one a little extra. With a new addition to our family on the way and our kids growing up way to fast – I hope that 2016 is filled with lots of moments to savor, even amidst the hectic pace of day-to-day living. Here’s to 2016. It is going to be a great year.






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