Henriks’ 2nd Birthday

Our boy is lots of things – he is sweet, helpful, silly, cute and 100%, ALL BOY. He is into trucks  and balls and bikes and taking out the garbage and climbing on anything and jumping and being outside from sun up to sun down. Some days I wish his energy was contagious.

He also loves reading books together and some of his favorite are the Little Blue Truck books. Their covers are indication alone of how well loved they are. We used that love as a little inspiration for his 2nd birthday – where we could celebrate our favorite guy and some of his favorite things.

Henriks Invite

The choice to host his birthday at a local play space, rather than our house, proved best when we woke up that morning and SNOW covered the ground!!! The space couldn’t have been more perfect and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful. It was a super fun day for our super fun 2 year old.


My incredibly talented brother and sister-in-law indulged my dorky Pinterest self when I asked them in they could paint a Little Blue Truck for the party. It was better than I ever could have imagined. I echo Henriks’ sentiments when he first saw it, “WOW!”.


After I couldn’t find tubs of all-blue play-doh and the individual containers were more than I wanted to spend, I tried my hand at play-doh making. It was so easy (and I have so much gel food coloring left over) that I will definitely be doing this again.


Oh Etsy printables…you save me every.single.time.





Henriks primary association with his birthday when asked was “CAKE!”. He was equally enthusiastic about that part of the party as he was leading up to it.

DSC_0294DSC_0298Please don’t mind the pizza stains on his shirt… :-/DSC_0309

I say it every year for every birthday, but it is hard to believe that this little boy is already 2 years old. I can hardly remember our family without him. His sweet heart, loving hugs, endless energy and those delicious cheeks make everyday more wonderful. We are so blessed to have him in our family. I cannot wait to see what the next year brings and all that he will do and discover. Happy Birthday, Henriks Peter. We love you more than words! Mes tevi milam!




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