A Realistic Look…at the Last 10 Weeks

The last time I was pregnant I made a grand to-do list to help get me organized before Baby 2’s arrival. We were about 50/50 on our completion record. This time I around I decided not to try and overshoot it. I’ve got less than 10  weeks to go, work is crazy busy and life with two keeps up hopping. I am shooting for 8 to-do items in 10 weeks. Talk about lowering the bar…

I have often said in this pregnancy that there isn’t much time to think about being pregnant. With two kids at home, working full time, swim lessons, toddler tantrums, bedtime routines, getting 4 year olds to try new foods and the exhaustion that comes with the end of each day – life seems to race by. I keep reminding myself to try and slow down long enough to be grateful for this incredible gift of a healthy pregnancy and soon another baby to share in the joy (& chaos) of life on Hillside Lane. As we head into the final stretch here (thank goodness), I know how incredibly blessed we are. I am looking forward to soaking up these moments as a family of four and preparing for all the happiness that life as 5 will bring.

These are in no particular order….

Baby Books
If #3 wants any sort of fighting chance at having their own baby book – we need to get the first two completed. They generally are – just need to add a couple pieces of information and then wait for a Shutterfly sale.

Closet Doors
Andris was great enough to score us (and install) some closet doors that had been discontinued (yeah for working in the building materials industry). I think the sliding closet doors we had were original to the house in the 1950s, but they just didn’t function the way we needed them to, especially once L&H were moving into one room and one closet. These doors are primed and just waiting to be painted (and for some cute knobs).

Closet Reorganization
Moving 2 kids into one closet requires more planning than one might think. Andris calls it “nesting”. I call it “necessary”. We moved their shared dresser into the closet and changed out the closet doors, but this project needs a final few finishing touches to be truly functional.

Bedroom Switch, 2016
This one is straight forward enough, but the anticipated logistics have me a little anxious. This will happen soon enough to make sure that we have all the kinks worked out before June. (Spoiler Alert – this one is already done by the time I got around to finishing this blog post. I am relieved to report that it was a mostly uneventful transition.) 

Kids’ Bedroom Letters & Pictures
We don’t know if this shared room will become the girls’ room or the boys’ room – but L&H will be in there for at least a year together – so I wanted to try and do a few cosmetic things to make this space theirs. I am using this idea as my inspiration jumping off point…more to come!

Shared Bedroom Inspiration

The path leading to our front door may well be labeled a liability. After a particularly rainy fall and winter, the current situation no longer works. It is muddy and the stones are shaky and it has moved quickly up the priority list. We continue to go back and forth over concrete or pavers, but the quotes are rolling in, so hopefully more on this soon.

Current Path


Path Inspiration

Nursery Reconstruction
Easy enough. I want to find a way to make this space unique for this baby, without a lot of investment. Maybe I’ll indulge my penchant for all things nautical and just own it since this is likely the last time I’ll get to decorate a nursery. We’ll see if we are going pink or blue come June 🙂

Edging, Mulch and Flowers
Last year I declared 2016 the Year of Mulch – and I am hoping this is true – at least to some extent. Our yard continues slow and steady progress. Looking forward to a trip to Michigan in May to add some more color to our yard.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I am ready for these next 10 weeks to fly by. In my experience with my prior two, I have come to learn that those last weeks do anything but fly. Hopefully this list will keep us busy up until then. Will report back with updates as they come…let’s hope for a better completion record than last time.




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