Feeling Ready

The last few weeks of pregnancy are always an exercise in patience for me. This time is no different…although it has seem to come with more aches, pains and me being sure I am farther along than I am, only to be assured by my doctor that I am not. But I keep my bags packed and my fingers crossed and, honestly,. just find myself in moments of disbelief that we will be a family of 5 in less than one (endless) week.

We had a busy to do list around the house before baby arrived and most of it got done or is in the works. Here are a few highlights from the progress…in no particular order:

Spring Planting

I love my Mother’s Day presents of a flower box and large lanterns in the backyard. Hoping this summer brings some much needed beds for Hydrangea Row and mulch for the front flower beds.



Kids’ Shared Bedroom

For a while it felt like Henrik was just sleeping in Luci’s room. We added a few additions makes the space feel a bit more shared.



I mounted some of my favorite pictures of our dynamic duo onto black foam board to make a quick collage wall without all the investment. Now as new pictures come up it is just a matter of some extra foam board and spray adhesive.





I chuckle every time I get asked if the nursery is done. It currently has a combination of golf flags, maps and a pink polka dotted lamp shade. But there is a drawer full of newborn diapers and clean onesies in the drawers….so yes, it’s done. Or at least it is as done as it is going to be for the time being.

This room will likely be short lived for this baby, so I’ll mostly just shop what we have and add a couple things around it to make it feel special to him or her. I am owning my love of all things nautical and just going with it this third time around, since it will likely be the last nursery I get to decorate and who cares if it feels a bit indulgent. Might as well! I pulled together a little boy and girl inspiration for us to build from…


A few things left on the list for our summer…

  • the new path is being installed in July
  • Hydrangea Row beds will be added in July
  • the closet doors still need to be painted
  • baby books are done and just need to be ordered

It will all get done at some point. In the meantime, we are just counting down the moments until we get to meet and hold and snuggle the most wonderful addition to Hillside Lane.




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