Summer of Fun

When we found out we were expecting our third in late June I began to call my anticipated maternity leave the “Summer of Fun”. As the months ticked by I would daydream about my days with the kids when we had no where to be and could just soak up the summer. And what a summer it has been! Our days have been filled with backyard play-doh, playing “ramps & lawnmowers”, riding bikes (even learning to ride a 2 wheeler!), countless park dates with friends, swimming, sprinklers, picnics, popsicles, movie nights, library outings, mini golf, camps, coloring and as many baby snuggles as I could squeeze in.

 Our Annual Trip to Bay Harbor

Luci, I don’t know how or when you got so old but all of a sudden you are five and you just seem so grown up. You continue to show us what a loving and kind heart you have and you share that so unconditionally with your family and friends. You have been the best big sister – showing patience and always wanting to find ways to help. Henriks and Elise are so lucky to have you always in their corner. This summer I have loved watching you go off to camps, play with your friends and try new things, like learning how to ride a two wheeler and swing across the monkey bars. Your spirit is infectious and you keep us smiling everyday.

Henrik, your joy and energy comes shining through you from the moment you wake up each morning. I love watching you in your element – when you are playing outside, riding bikes, arranging your lawn mowers and trucks,   listening to your favorite songs or leaping into a pool. You have the sweetest heart – giving kisses to your baby sister, asking for nighttime ‘nuggles and always grabbing an extra treat to give to Luci. This summer you have  played and learned and tested limits and tried new things and you have taught me to be a better mom. You do everything with your whole heart and we love you with all of ours.

Elise, you, my sweet girl, are the entire reason for the season. Your arrival kicked off our Summer of Fun and it seems impossible to imagine our family with out you. You have been nothing short of a dream. You are patient and calm and sweet as we bring you from one activity to the next. Your smiles and cooing light up our life on Hillside Lane. We have loved watching you grow this summer and delight in each new thing that you do. Your big sister and big brother absolutely adore you and rush into your room each morning just to see you. Henriks even proudly announced one day that he had woken you up all by himself! We love every inch of you from your wonderful hair to your tiny toes. We can’t wait to watch you grow and see all that you will do and be. You are so loved and you complete our family.

Our Summer of Fun went by far too fast, but we soaked up every piece of sunshine and fun that it had to offer. More than anything I am just so grateful for all those moments – even the hard ones (which there were plenty of) – that provided so much joy for our family. It was joy in the ordinary – new parks, chasing fireflies, treats from the ice cream truck or even just three sleeping children at the end of a long day. But nevertheless – it was a summer full of so many little moments that make the sweetest memories.






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