A Whole Hand

My baby girl is five years old, and I still am having a hard time believing it. She makes everyday a happy one and I count my blessings everyday that she is ours.

We celebrated Luci being a whole hand with a small  Pocahontas themed birthday party. Luci’s favorite Disney princess changes about every 10 days, but she settled on Pocahontas to help her ring in #5. Originally the party was intended for a local park and splash pad, but the rain caused a last minute switch to Hillside Lane. She and her little friends enjoyed a few arts and crafts and an impromptu freeze dance party to celebrate in style.

The girls painted arrows and made Pocahontas beaded necklaces.

These girls are just the best of friends and always have the best time when they are together. They couldn’t quite figure out if this was really a birthday party because it felt like so many of the play dates they have…just with a canoe!

Happy 5th Birthday to our Lucija! We can’t wait to see all the adventures that await! We love you more than words! Mes tevi milam!




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