I once heard that a front door is the smile to a house. I like that idea. And if the front door is the smile, then the front path is like the teeth. A nice door can be meaningless with a messy path leading to it. Our front door isn’t likely the last smile we’ll ever have on Hillside Lane, but at least our “teeth” have been upgraded to make a much better first impression.

The front path we inherited when we arrived on Hillside Lane was nothing more than some stones in the ground. They were wobbly when it rained, a bear to shovel in the winter and generally just felt makeshift.



This year we made it a priority to get a new path installed, along with a ribbon down the driveway to help with easier access to the house, particularly during the winter months. It now feels like the the teeth better match the smile.


We went with Cotswold Mist stone in a herringbone pattern. We tried to pick a color that would also work when we change the color of the house. Ahhh, the project list never ends. 


I spy a cute boy in race car jammies 🙂 


We were thrilled with how it turned out. It just feels like so much of a warmer welcome and a lovely smile to come home to.





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