Elise’s Baptism

Apparently, when life and work get busy, blogging stops. Luckily life hasn’t and we have had so many wonderful moments to celebrate since August. Elise’s baptism was one of those special events filled with moments that we’ll cherish.



Our church continues to be a special place for our family and the center of many special ocassions – baptisms, Christmas concerts, future first communions and confirmations, maybe even a wedding one day. And on that day in September, St. Joan’s was filled with the people in the world that mean the most to us – grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Elise wore my grandfather’s almost 100 year old baptismal gown and in Latvian tradition, she is three-times blessed with incredible godparents, two godmothers and one godfather. We are so grateful that our family is surrounded by so much love.



The party was simple and sweet, just like our baby girl – cake, cookies, coffee and champagne. Andris’ grandmother makes incredible tortes that are absolute works of art. We were so lucky to have her grace this party with one for Elise, along with some sweet treats from my friend’s baking company. It will always be a special memory that her gift was part of Elise’s special day.


These celebrations are reminders of just how lucky we are – blessed with faith, family, love, support, tradition and experience of generations. And we are so blessed with our Elise – that little girl whose smile lights up our world, who graces us with happiness and love. May she be forever blessed and may we be forever blessed with her.






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