2016: A Look Back

When I look back at my Resolutions for 2016, I realized that we didn’t cross quite as many off the list this year. The year really revolved around our family of four becoming a family of five. And when Elise arrived in June, it kicked off a Summer of Fun that was full of parks and popsicles and camps, but not so much house projects. But we’ve got a lifetime to work on all this house stuff – and those summer days with my littles are all too fleeting. Here were a few of our biggest changes in 2016:

Bedroom Switch

Luci and Henriks became roommates this year without much fanfare. The room went from individual beds to bunks and we added their initials to the wall (one of my favorite things). Other than Henriks’ turning on all the lights in the middle of the night when he can’t find his Nuk or his lovey, George, or is looking for water – it has really gone without a hitch. And it has been so fun to watch them grow into such buddies and playing together so much more (when they aren’t fighting over the same toy 😩). In the big scheme of things, they will be roommates for a short time, but it will hold lots of sweet memories for me.



Master Bedroom

Despite my commitment to having a completed master bedroom by the close of 2016, we still have a room that is somewhere in the middle. Dris did add a stencil to the back wall that we love. Luci called it, “Papa’s art project…” while it was in process, which always made me laugh. This room still begs for a little more TLC and a heathy dose of color – I’m sure it will be back on our list for 2017.



It looked so blah without any cute throw pillows or anything on the wall yet that I decided to throw in a cute pop of color 😍

A friend gave me an interesting idea how to balance the corner window by wrapping a frame gallery around two walls. Excited to get to planning that project.

Hydrangea Row

Hydrangea Row may end up being my life project on Hillside Lane. I am bound and determined to get these little plants to grow into a flowering row of hydrangea bushes. This year we were able to till and mulch a large bed for them to grow into and it made such a difference in starting to make the backyard look a bit more “finished”. We so enjoy our backyard space and each project gets us a little closer to where we hope it will be one day.


Front Walkway

This project was a long time coming, but one that we enjoy every single day. Our front path went from a series of stones dug into the ground to a full path and a new overlay for our front step. It made the front of the house look so much better.


Little by little, each year we make more progress on our home and how we need it to function for us, at this stage of life, and hedging closer to what we want it to become. There is so much learning and patience and joy that comes from making it our own. Here’s to a productive 2017!




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